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  2. Retrieve Sheetname from Excel

    Thank you very much Cory and acantor!! I like the idea of copying the Sheetname while editing then aborting the edit. You don´t loose focus of the current activated cell. Great idea!! But how did you know the keycombination Alt + h, o, r for renaming sheets? Is there a documentation of those keycombinations. I mean it´s quite a different shortcut-approach then just pressing ALT and waiting for EXCEL to display the options. Actually T is not listed if you press ALT once. There are so smart people here!
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  4. Shortcuts extremely slow

    I would check your internet security software. Windows Defender was causing this exact error some time ago. At times Norton Internet Security does that today. Also, what version of Macro Express are you using? Sometimes certain issues are fixed by updating to the latest version.
  5. Retrieve Sheetname from Excel

    Text Type (Simulate Keystrokes): <ALT>h // Activate "Home" Ribbon Text Type (Simulate Keystrokes): o // Format Text Type (Simulate Keystrokes): r // Rename Sheet Delay: 200 milliseconds Clipboard Copy Delay: 200 milliseconds Text Type (Simulate Keystrokes): <ESC> // Cancel Variable Set String %WorksheetName% from the clipboard contents Text Box Display: %WorksheetName%
  6. Shortcuts extremely slow

    1. Review all of your Macro Express scripts and see if any are triggered by Ctrl + K. You are looking for a conflict with the built in Outlook command. (I didn't know anybody else used Ctrl + K in the To and CC fields other than me! (K stands for "komplete" the address!) 2. Are you running any other macro scripting programs like AutoHotkey? 3. Try a total shutdown of Windows. Not a log off, but a shutdown.
  7. Retrieve Sheetname from Excel

    If you put =Sheet() in an empty cell it would give you the sheet number. You could write a VBA macro to pop up a dialog box with the sheet name. Trigger it with a hotkey in Excel.
  8. Hey there, is there a way for Macro Express Pro to get sheet names from an excel file that has multiple sheets? Thanks in advance.
  9. Shortcuts extremely slow

    Ok, the answers- i manually Type ctrl+k in Outlook after i have written a Name to find this Name in the global adressbook-no i have no macros opend in that Moment, If i close Macro Express the Shortcut takes half a Second, if macro Express is opened about 10 seconds. Any ideas thank you
  10. Shortcuts extremely slow

    How slow is slow? 1/4 second response, 4 second response, what? Also, when Macro Express is running, are there any long-running macros or resource-intensive macros that could be sucking up processor time? With ME running, if you go into Windows Task Manager, can you see any processes using a lot of resources -- CPU, disk, memory?
  11. Shortcuts extremely slow

    Is the Ctrl+k being 'typed' from a macro? Or are you saying that you're experiencing this when you manually type Ctrl+k?
  12. Shortcuts extremely slow

    Could you show us the script that is executing slowly?
  13. Shortcuts extremely slow

    To be clear, if you terminate MEP, the keyboard shortcuts in Outlook are responsive again?
  14. Hello, when i have macro express opened - then the shortcuts e.g. outlook work extremely slow (e.g. Ctrl+k) after inserting a name to look in the global addressbook - it works but extremely slow - the short key isnt used in macro express - any idea? thank you! Martin
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  16. Macro Express Confused In Memu

    If interested, here is an article describing How to Run Macro Express as Administrator when Windows Starts.
  17. I second Cory's suggestion. Create a new file and import only the macros you want.
  18. Macro Express Confused In Memu

    Bingo! That did the trick. Thank you.
  19. Hi Jeff! I can't think of any way to circumvent the password. ISS might be able to help you with that. Off the top of my head all I can think of is to create a new file. Then import all the macros except the PGM macros from the old file.
  20. I have one macro file for all the macro's I've created for my office. 'Problem is that long ago I must have somehow copied all the PGM macros into the same macro file and now I want to remove all the PGA macro's, but IT WON'T LET ME DELETE THEM WITHOUT A PASSWORD - SOMETHING I DON'T HAVE. How can I separate the PGM macro's from the macro's that I created???? Thanks (and a big HELLO AGAIN to CORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jeff Mazor
  21. Macro Express Confused In Memu

    The first thing to try is to run Macro Express Pro as Administrator.
  22. I've been successfully using MEP in Bluestacks; an android emulator, but am unable to get it to work in Memu. http://www.memuplay.com/ Capturing movement appears to work, but playback will move the mouse to the first location, but doesn't make any clicks. And sometimes stopping the 'capture' mode seems to actually start it. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  23. I requested a feature to find and replace in multiple macros.
  24. Been there, done that! I think this is a mistake all macro scripters have made. A "repair macro" to update all of your scripts is certainly doable. I use dozens of Macro Express macros that run only in Macro Express, so there is nothing to prevent you from trying to automate the task. But be aware that you may reach the point of diminishing returns if the time it takes to automate the process takes longer than manually fixing the scripts. But if it were me, I would try! I totally agree with rberq: don't try to do everything in one go. Start modestly, maybe 10 or 20 scripts at a time; and if you discover your repair macro is working reliably, then up the number of repetitions. You can increase the reliability a bit by pressing Esc to close the Replace dialog instead of clicking on the Close icon. Adding delays between steps, even 100 or 200 ms, might help. Longer delays will likely be helpful when windows and/or dialog boxes are opening and closing, maybe 300 ms or 500 ms. This might be the perfect moment to rewrite your script in ways that would simplify the task of updating the scripts in the future!
  25. Macro Express Pro v

    I have been using the latest version since the day of its release. Maybe it's my imagination, but MEP feels more stable. Macro Express Pro does not crash often, but it happens occasionally. I think some freezes and crashes have to do with delays, and especially timed delays, e.g., Delay: 100 milliseconds Delay: 100 milliseconds, without ability to halt Since installing the upgrade two weeks ago, I have not experienced a single MEP crash. Thank you!
  26. I think you are on the right track, and I see no reason why your approach shouldn’t work. Your fixit macro should be able to do all the following with keystrokes (which are easier than figuring out where and when to click the mouse). Be sure to insert reasonable time delays between the Text Type functions, so your commands don’t outrun the Explorer and Editor functions. Set Keystroke Speed to a reasonable value. Arrow down (in Explorer) to next macro. Enter (to edit the macro). Alt-v followed by i to enter the Direct Editor. Ctrl-R followed by appropriate values to set the replacement, followed by Tabs to highlight the Replace All button, and ENTER to do the replacement. ESC a couple times to close the replace dialog box and the “not found” box if any. Alt-s followed by l to save/close/return to macro explorer. Like Cory said, don’t rely on magic numbers. No way would I start this macro and ask it to run 545 times. Too much can go wrong, mostly in terms of Windows timing, and once your macro is out of sync with ME Explorer, who knows what havoc you may wreak? I’d suggest making a good backup of your macro file, and letting the macro repeat ten or twenty times maximum, requiring you to restart it for additional iterations.
  27. Cory. Thanks for your quick reply. Of course you are right but I’ve been building on this group long before I understood the details of huge and involved macros. I was hoping for a short fix, thanks again.
  28. That's a hard one. I think Terry has more experience with this. One thing that I suggest is that you never use Magic Numbers. That is to say, things like this shouldn't be hard coded. You should keep them as a setting in an INI file or something. I prefer to use the Windows Registry. I'm sure by now you can see the reason why.
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