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  1. @rberg: Thanks a bunch, you're a star - that does work! So glad I showed you those visuals. And embarrassed not to have pursued that approach properly again myself. I think I dismissed it way back because of several potential complications (the slider itself sometimes partially covering the target click point, etc) but mainly because dragging was so fast in XP anyway, and also gave me some tolerance over pixel positions . But I hadn't thought to reinvestigate. Your post also motivated me to do some belated lateral thinking of my own this morning. I found it needs only 61 mouse clicks on the button I've shown to get full movement in about a tenth of a second. (As shown in GE-TS-03.jpg. The other, earlier screenshot was added by mistake and so far I've found no way to delete it . Even canceling the post and restarting still brought it back!) @cory: I wonder if Insight would be interested in pursuing that idea with you? Some sort of script add-on or just a macro that would get around the issue until MS possibly fix it. @acantor: I know how you feel as I was very reluctant to move up from XP after 12-15 years. But for my video work I wanted a high end PC and Win 10 Pro was the only option I could buy. I'm committed to it now and despite its quirks and its over-protective UAC stuff, it's growing on me.
  2. No, as I have to start at the end of the slider. Couple of illustrations attached.
  3. I still don'tunderstand what you mean by statements like "I have four variables, which creates five text variables." How? Nothing in the extract you've shown us appears to cover that? Or how you have designed your multiple choice menu? Maybe someone with a better grasp than me can help you. Terry, East Grinstead, UK
  4. Thanks Paul, pleased to see you're around! Any help you can give me to (safely!) delete these would be welcomed. One macro I use quite frequently, built largely by Cory, needs 33 manual Escapes to bypass those PGM macros, before it will proceed to search my MEX file! A simple succession of TextTypes fails for some reason. Glad to know you're in contact with Joe. Lke others, I enquired after him in the forums two or three years ago:
  5. Did you try it? That's always my preferred method, but as per my earlier post: "After further testing I concllude that it's Get Pixel Color that's causing the glacial movement. Same if I get the colour from specific (successively changing) locations rather than beneath the mouse. Support's position a year ago was that it was an unavoidable Windows issue." "I'm sure that sort of script used to run in under a second." Agreed, and I have quite a few macros built on that basis. (!)
  6. Hi, I added a TBD with one line for each of your variables to demonstrate that you are inserting possibly unwanted CR/LF (Return) characters. <TEXT BOX DISPLAY Content="{\\rtf1\\ansi\\ansicpg1252\\deff0\\deflang2057{\\fonttbl{\\f0\\fnil Tahoma;}{\\f1\\fnil\\fcharset0 Tahoma;}}\r\n\\viewkind4\\uc1\\pard\\f0\\fs20 Act I\\f1 = \\f0 %Act I%\r\n\\par Act I Trade\\f1 = \\f0 %Act I Trade%\r\n\\par Act II\\f1 = \\f0 %Act II%\r\n\\par Act II Trade\\f1 = \\f0 %Act II Trade%\r\n\\par Act III\\f1 = \\f0 %Act III%\r\n\\par Act III Trade\\f1 = \\f0 %Act III Trade%\r\n\\par Act IV\\f1 = \\f0 %Act IV%\r\n\\par Act IV Trade\\f1 = \\f0 %Act IV Trade%\r\n\\par \\f1 Act V = \\f0 %Act V%\r\n\\par \r\n\\par \r\n\\par \r\n\\par }\r\n" Left="469" Top="485" Width="368" Height="493" Monitor="0" OnTop="TRUE" Keep_Focus="TRUE" Mode="\x00" Delay="0"/> Results of the TBD (21 lines): Act I = True Act I Trade = Water Flasks Food Herbs Basic Ores Potions Act II = False Act II Trade = Clothing Writing Instruments Tools Construction Utensils Music Instruments Act III = False Act III Trade = Pelts Weapons Gems Siege Engines Act IV = False Act IV Trade = Magic Crystals Mythic Ores Act V = False But I'm confused on several points. You say "I am generating four variables," but I see nine text variables, including 'Act V', which I guess is redundant or spare? Did you mean to assign TRUE or FALSE to some additional Boolean varables, or what? That aside, you say "First three I give five different words," but you are actually creating five different lines. Are these are some kind of 'set' or 'package'? If so, why not use commas or '/' between them, for example? As the saying goes, 'The devil is in the details'! Terry, East Grinstead, UK
  7. Kevin, Found this old thread while searching for help on the following problem. About 12 years ago I bought Joe Weinpert's 'Macro Express Explained'. I think that its accompanying CD was the source of the PGM macros I used occasionally for a while, with help from Paul, on successive PCs. But for a long time now these have all been inaccessible, requiring a password. So I want to delete these 30 or so old inaccessible macros. But I cannot even delete them without a password. Classic Catch 22! BTW, using your instructions above I have successfully installed the full PGM library (and will export it awaiting very rare use). Terry, East Grinstead, UK
  8. Thanks, yes, I too use that method whenever possible. But unfortunately it's not in this case. Any Google Earth users here, who also use its Time Slider feature? If so I'll elaborate. Terry, East Grinstead, UK
  9. Thanks, but "... Same if I get the colour from specific (successively changing) locations rather than beneath the mouse." I used -1 in that example for simplicity. In practice I'm using -2, the largest reliable delta I can use in this case, so it's still unacceptably long. Support have just confirmed "Macro Express asks Windows for the pixel color. Later versions of Windows take longer. There's nothing we can do."
  10. Thanks for the reminder Cory. I've now found it - 13 months old. http://pgmacros.invisionzone.com/topic/7894-get-pixel-colour-beneath-mouse-incredibly-slow/ After further testing I concllude that it's Get Pixel Color that's causing the glacial movement. Same if I get the colour from specific (successively changing) locations rather than beneath the mouse. Support's position a year ago was that it was an unavoidable Windows issue. Screws up quite a few of my macros.
  11. Anyone here experiencing very slow operation of Mouse Moves please? I'm running Win 10 on a high end PC and this macro takes about 7 secs to move about 220 pixels! Mouse Move: 516, 120 Relative to Screen // Also displays Time Slider Repeat Until %nPixCol% Equals "16053492" Get Pixel Color from Beneath the Mouse into %nPixCol% Mouse Move: -1, 0 Relative to Last Position End Repeat I'm sure that sort of script used to run in under a second.
  12. Thanks both, appreciate the follow-ups.
  13. After further testing further I'm now almost certain it's down to my macro, not any inherent unreliability in MX Pro. The macro is not coping properly with complex situations. Such as my doing other work in GE during its duration (2-3 secs). I've duly added a Lock Keyboard and Mouse at the start. I'm considering also adding Lock Player: Wait for running macros to stop' (with the option Wait for all running macros to complete before continuing also enabled). I use a lot of macros with GE and potential conflict obviously complicates matters. To avoid both sorts of issue I did at one stage abandon scheduled activation and instead do it manually every once in a while. Downside is that I would get absorbed and forget - usually at a bad time! Terry, East Grinstead, UK
  14. Thanks, I should have said "run properly" or "run fully". It starts, as shown by the presence of the running man, but does not finish. I'll investigate the log for further clues. Do you find that tool better for isolating problems than interposing Pause and/or Macro Stop commands? Instead of entering that command for each macro, wouldn't it be easier to enable Log all Commands (and maybe Log all Errors) under the Script Editor's Miscellaneous tab, which I'm belatedly considering doing? Is there any significant performance impact when using these debugging tools? Terry, East Grinstead, UK
  15. Thanks Cory. What is your typical 'executable'? A program or VBS etc you've coded yourself to perform a customised task at set intervals? Prompted by that, maybe I'll try exporting my macro as an MXE and use that as my executable. Ideally I'd like MX Pro to do the activation reliably as well though. P.S. By coincidence, I broke off to read your post while working on the video of my last trip to USA, just finishing a GE path of a 1,300 mile trip ending at Carlsbad, maybe 30 miles south of your location? Terry, East Grinstead, UK