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  1. MEX PRO and Win 10 Pro Problems

    I'm back again, the Problem is still there but I could narrow it down. I use MLO (MyLifeOrganized) and got a Macro that activates the Window and clicks on an Entry. The Macro freezes when it executes the Mouseclick and my Mouse is in "Drag & Drop" Mode. I don't get any Error Message, but it has something to do with the Mouseclick that MEX executes being interpreted as "Drag & Drop" for some odd reasons. This seems to happen in MLO under Win10. (on Win7 it runs just fine) I need to Terminate Macro Express completely to stop that Macro at that point. If I hover over Forrest a grey mouseover appears with all macros which were malfunctioning. Those are not able to start again. Other macros will either work or also malfunction and then appear in the list of Forrest. MOUSEOVER: Running Macros: MLO Go to One Windowreset
  2. MEX PRO and Win 10 Pro Problems

    Problem disappeard after restarting pc. Sorry and Thank you.
  3. In Windows 10 Pro Macros are not performed. Instead say seem kind of halted. A message appears that they are halted in line 3 for example. Hoovering over Forrest display that several macros are running but they are not performed. Why? Every macro operated flawlessly under Win 7.
  4. Retrieve Sheetname from Excel

    Thanks acantor and Cory for your input. @acantor: Yeah i guess its just like that. So it´s good to have in mind that sometimes there is still a keyboard shortcut even without accelerator keyhints. For automating with MEX keyboard shortcuts are much more reliable and faster than pressing Menus (simulating mouseclicks) @Cory: Yes and now. MS translates a lot of the original/english language and sometimes pretty poorly. Most menus and also keycommands are translated. In Word for formatting text into Bold or Italic the german expressions are "Fett" and "Kursiv". And here the key shortcuts change from CTRL + SHIFT + B, I to CTRL + SHIFT + F, K. On the other hand the print command (CTRL + P) maybe translated but the keycommand is never changed. It´s CTRL + P in almost every (german) software. Some kind of inconsistency there. Thank you guys for contributing to this topic.
  5. Retrieve Sheetname from Excel

    Interesting, than this example (H) does not work. To experience the same message i got (see my foto) with ALT, T i guess you need to press a letter which does not come up if pressing merely ALT and wating for the shortcuts to appear.
  6. Retrieve Sheetname from Excel

    I don´t think they behave different due to languages. Let´s find out. Two questions for english users: If you press merely ALT do you see the letterhint "H" anywhere? What happens if you press ALT + H?
  7. Retrieve Sheetname from Excel

    Does anybody see the difference between Way 2 and Way 3?
  8. Retrieve Sheetname from Excel

    Well they are hidden. I use the german Excel Version. For renaming the sheet the correct sequenze is actually Alt + T, B, U in the german Version. I do distinguish between the accelerator way and the sequenze way. In my last post i numbered those ways 2 and 3. There is a distinction, cause when i press only the ALT Key indead a lot of numbers and letters appear but not one letter "T"! After pressing T instead a message appears (siehe picture). This is a complete different behaviour than using merely the ALT Button and waiting for accelerator key hints to appear which change and are narrowed down if you are use one of those. Do you understand the difference between Way 2 and Way 3? In the appearing textbox Excel refers to older Excel Versions where i guess in Pre Ribbon Versions using those keysequences was the same as typing the underscored letters in the menus as in Office 2003 Versions. BTW the sequence way is much quicker than the accelerator way. In my Excel 2016 it takes quite some time for the accelerator keyhints to appear. It´s a shame that the Sequence Shortcuts are not documented although we could ask someone who is using Office 2003.
  9. Retrieve Sheetname from Excel

    Dear Acantor, actually there are 3 Ways. 1. Preprogrammed Keycombinations like CTRL + SHIFT + B for Bold in Word (same in Excel) which you can change (in Word) 2. Accelator Keys, which you mentioned as 1. in your last post 3. And Keycombinations liket ALT + H, O, R mentioned above. This was new for me. I will name it "Nonaccelator, serial Shortcut" for now. I did google it but was only able to find single shortcuts but never a complete reference of those hidden "Serial shortcuts". Could you provide a link here with a reference if there is any? I guess a lot of MEX User are automating MS Office applications and in oder to do this a keycombination is very useful.
  10. Retrieve Sheetname from Excel

    Thank you very much Cory and acantor!! I like the idea of copying the Sheetname while editing then aborting the edit. You don´t loose focus of the current activated cell. Great idea!! But how did you know the keycombination Alt + h, o, r for renaming sheets? Is there a documentation of those keycombinations. I mean it´s quite a different shortcut-approach then just pressing ALT and waiting for EXCEL to display the options. Actually T is not listed if you press ALT once. There are so smart people here!
  11. Hey there, is there a way for Macro Express Pro to get sheet names from an excel file that has multiple sheets? Thanks in advance.
  12. Paste Rich Text in Word 2013

    Well, i guess it´s worth suggesting that MEP gets clipboard variables, no?
  13. Paste Rich Text in Word 2013

    Actually i would love to have also the opportunity that a MEP variable saves the whole clipboard (without cleaning)
  14. Paste Rich Text in Word 2013

    @ rberq. You may check what format is "Standard" in your word version. This definition ist stored in the document or in new documents in the Normal.dot(m) in Templates. It´s likely that Word uses this format. Also consider that you can define in word which format (source or target) it should use if pasting from other or same (Word) Applications in the preferences of word. By pressing CTRL after pasting you can change that default behaviour manually.
  15. Paste Rich Text in Word 2013

    That´s what i thought. The clipboard as a global utiltiy but all those applications are quite interpreting what to do with the content of the clipboard. Sometimes quite unpredictable. Thank you for offering further understanding and help.