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  1. Problem pasting to PaintShop Pro

    I see that PSP has a scripting feature. Have you tried that?
  2. Excel: macro fails consistently

    You might also consider using databases. MS SQLExpress and MySQL are free. And for basic use, they're easy to learn. And Excel loves to connect to Dbs.
  3. WAV at end of macro - macro never ends

    Mine plays the sound file and terminates normally. You have the strangest problems with your machine :-)
  4. When I have a series of integers I contain them in an array. MEP has almost none of the normal programming methods for arrays that proper programming languages have so I have macros that I use as subroutines. One of them is "Find Index". It sets an integer value that's scoped to the parent macro and iterates though the array and aborts when the value is found. The integer value is set to the index of the value in the array. If the value is zero, it's not found. If it's something more, that's the index. I also have ones like "Find Last", "Sort" and even a binary search for large sorted arrays. It's a simple way to manipulate and query arrays without cluttering up your macros and writing code twice.
  5. Often the user environments are different in many ways. In several cases I created a training program for the users for the positions of windows, elements, controls, etc. The user runs the program, sets values, clicks to show locations, etc. and then this is saved in the registry for future macro use. If the user changes their minds, they can rerun the training program.
  6. Editing the contents of a string

    I understand family issues. I've had to make multiple trips back to Montana for deaths in the last 14 months. I'm getting jaded lately. There are tons of OPs who never respond lately that I have wasted time on and I'm getting sick of it. Having said that, it's been almost a month since you said you would "try it tomorrow". How did it go? Was the program I wrote for you useful?
  7. robocopy not detectable anymore

    Wow. Another rude one. I spent a lot of time on this also.
  8. Rename Folder Error

    Another rude guy. Glad I skipped to the end before reading his post.
  9. Wait till website is fully loaded

    I do a lot of this sort of thing and if it becomes a problem for you, let me know. I have some ways of extending macro express pros capabilities in this department. Send me a PM if you're interested with an explanation of what you're doing and I'll see if any of my tricks might work for you.
  10. Carrige return

    Click here.
  11. Excel: macro fails consistently

    Terry I don't know if it would work for you but if you work with delimited text files with MEP you can link to them in Excel. This allows MEP to edit with things like ASCII file process effortlessly and use that data in Excel. Excel can link to so many cool things, including web pages. They even actively update.
  12. I'm jumping in here without reading fully. But what I have observed with SnagIt, a similar snipping tool, is that when it prompts the user what you are seeing is not your programs and such. It's not an overlay. I believe it makes a graphic of the entire screen and then allows one to select within. This is evidenced by the fact that the mouse cursor doesn't move and we get a new mouse cursor.
  13. Help Me: Macro command in doc

    Yeah, waste our time for not. I'll not be responding to this OP's questions in the future. That's just rude.
  14. Problem pasting to PaintShop Pro

    Terry if you're doing conversions or something simple I recommend IrfanView. It has tons of command line options and can be run invisibly from MEP for many tasks. And even if you open it fully with MEP, it is a delight with MEP because most of the common commands are keyboard driven. E.G. "r" for rotate right and "l" for rotate left.