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  1. MEX PRO and Win 10 Pro Problems

    There must be something wrong in line 3 then. Maybe something environmental in that line. can you share that line so we can examine it?
  2. Help Me: Macro command in doc

    I'm struggling to understand the question from the OP.
  3. Different screen resolutions

    You say it doesn't work. Can you explain how it doesn't work?
  4. Editing the contents of a string

    Here's a little present for you. It's a simple WinForm that is designed to be a multi-line editor that works with MEP. When you launch the program you can start typing straight away. Then when you're done, click Clip & Close button or, if your'e keyboard-centric like me, tab t hen enter. MEP can be set to wait for the program to close and grab the clipboard contents. There's a demo macro too. Just change the first line to be the path of the executable on your system. I.E. wherever you saved it. I was too lazy to get the relative path in the macro. I had a subroutine for that once, but I've lost it. TextBoxEditor.zip
  5. Editing the contents of a string

    I've used Variable Set String like this in the past but this is too much. I think Notepad is your best bet. I wouldn't paste however. I'd use Windows Controls commands.
  6. These are the things that drove me bonkers. I decided to write simple programs that send HTTP requests and receive HTTP Responses. IE no web browser. Most forms use the POST method for forms so all I do is copy the POST data and modify it myself. In most browsers hit F12 and you can see the requests and responses. Right after you click you will likely see a POST request. Look at the POST (form) data. Usually it's something like this: "name=Fed&email=Fred@SlateRockAndGravel.com&message=Yabba%20Dabba%20Dooo". This returns the source HTML of the resulting web page. And super fast. Typically 3 per second. Then I get what i need from there. One can navigate many pages and never actually render a page in a browser. If anyone is interested i could create a helper app for MEP to do this method. Or if they would like to learn to do it my way.
  7. Retrieve Sheetname from Excel

    I haven't read all this in detail but I had a passing thought. Is it possible that MS uses different letters because the words are different in German? Like f they wanted "p" to print in German that might be nonsense because the German word for print it "drucken" (according to Google translate). So to be intuitive it would want to be "D" in the German version.
  8. Retrieve Sheetname from Excel

    Yes. It's the "Home" tab. https://goo.gl/hK3g7g It exposes all the shortcuts for the items in the ribbon. https://goo.gl/NebpGV
  9. Type text misses words

    Two things. First, slow down your Keystroke speed. Second, and maybe not necessary, you might add a delay in between each field. IE make it several commands with a delay between. Some web forms do things programmatically in their scripts when you type something in a field and leave it. Like validation. It takes time and the form might not be ready for more input. On second thought, I would try to add the delays between fields first.
  10. Retrieve Sheetname from Excel

    If you put =Sheet() in an empty cell it would give you the sheet number. You could write a VBA macro to pop up a dialog box with the sheet name. Trigger it with a hotkey in Excel.
  11. Shortcuts extremely slow

    Is the Ctrl+k being 'typed' from a macro? Or are you saying that you're experiencing this when you manually type Ctrl+k?
  12. Shortcuts extremely slow

    To be clear, if you terminate MEP, the keyboard shortcuts in Outlook are responsive again?
  13. Hi Jeff! I can't think of any way to circumvent the password. ISS might be able to help you with that. Off the top of my head all I can think of is to create a new file. Then import all the macros except the PGM macros from the old file.
  14. I requested a feature to find and replace in multiple macros.
  15. That's a hard one. I think Terry has more experience with this. One thing that I suggest is that you never use Magic Numbers. That is to say, things like this shouldn't be hard coded. You should keep them as a setting in an INI file or something. I prefer to use the Windows Registry. I'm sure by now you can see the reason why.