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  1. I know they haven't given up but it has slowed. And I worry about their ability to cope with UWP. But more than that it seems public interest in MEP has faded for some reason. I'm not sure why.
  2. My pleasure
  3. You might also try other utilities to mirror. Check Rsync. Also RichCopy.
  4. Please post a sample of the CSV.
  5. I developed a work around for the Robocopy problem. As I suggested early on one can use a batch file. I created "RC.bat" and ran it from Program Launch with the option to capture the console output. It works perfectly and MEP waits for it to complete like all console programs will if one chooses the option to capture output. The contents of the batch file can't be more simple. See below. robocopy a:\a d:\d Also you should know that one can pass parameters to a batch file. This way you can create a generic batch file and vary the path or options. Or create a batch file as a string variable in MEP and run it. As I stated before there is no reason to create loops to detect a program's completion. Use MEP to control the flow.
  6. MEP does wait. I did a test macro like this with a huge file so as to take a significant amount of time. MEP waits for Robocopy before displaying the results. Unfortunately there's a bug here because when launched this way Robocopy never terminates. I've had it running several minutes now in the MEP debugger and Robocopy still appears in my task list despite being done. If I terminate Robocopy MEP displays the results dialog. Program Launch: "robocopy.exe" (Normal) Parameters: a:\a d:\d Text Box Display: Result This should work. I've had command line programs in the past for doing things like downloading web pages and they worked and MEP waited for them to complete before moving ahead. I'll report this as a bug to ISS.
  7. Really? So if one runs Program Launch and use the Capture Console Output option MEP doesn't wait for the program to finish? I have a hard time believing that. How is it going to return a value if it doesn't wait. Are you sure about this or should I do a test. Maybe a little wager to see if I can get RoboCopy to wait? I will say that most of the time I use "External Script" so I'm not as familiar with the timing on Program Launch.
  8. I've proposed a few add-ons for MEP but there's no interest and I'm not going to put time into something if it's only going to benefit a couple people. Unless someone wants to pay me for it. I've proposed a WinForm (multiple boxes and other windows controls) input for MEP, a RegEx module, a web downloader,and a few others. Last week I created a specialize web browser as a demo using the WebBrowser control for a client and was thinking I could make a web browser that would be designed to work with MEP as well. Solve all the problems I hear about here automating web pages. But there's just no interesting in these things. Joe made the PGMs a long time ago but there was a lot of demand then. And I haven't received any interest from ISS either. I have suggested that could make some add-ons but really if they wanted something like that they could simply develop the solution in MEP. I think it could be cool to have them just like we have add-ons for all kinds of programs, EG Chrome. But it sure would be fun to do...
  9. The "final solution" for compatibility on a Win10 machine is Hyper-V. It's MS's VM (Virtual Machine). click the start button and start typing "hyper" and you will see it. You need a license for the machine you virtually build but most of us have an Win7 license available from a previous computer. I used it with MEP a few times for compatibility and often simply because I was running a macro that was using the mouse and keyboard for a long time and I wanted to keep working on other things. It's a free solution if you ever need it.
  10. You're right rberg. I didn't notice he was looking at the same variable. Line 4 simply needs to be removed.
  11. I'm sure you have considered this but is there a command to go to a certain time like in media players? In VLC I can type CTRL+T, enter a time, and it jumps to it. I like what rberg is suggesting. Then you would avoid the drag. I made a simple test program in VB.NET to see how difficult it would be to scan pixel colors and it's simple. I was thinking I could make a simple add-on program for MEP that would scan pixels quickly. Though I'm not sure what the best way would be to go about it. I was thinking that the user could set thresholds for reg green and blue and it would scan along a path until the threshold is reached and return that position. I'd have to figure out how people would want to use it first.
  12. It's not the repeat. You are missing and "End If" that should be paired with Line 4.
  13. I still don't understand why one would not create a Robocopy command in MEP. The macro will continue when its complete.
  14. OK, I din't read all the posts since mine but I don't have much time tonight. I only want to impart that I believe the WDM (Windows Desktop Manager) is having some kind of conflict with MEP. And I don't think it's MEP's fault.
  15. Did you search the forum? I seem to remember a post that sounded identical to this a couple months ago. Maybe more.
  16. If I remember correctly one can make a single variable of multiple strings separated with a newline (Carriage Return + Line Feed). Then take the letter value (not the string) of the line they choose and use that in your logic. I can try it in a couple hours. Or you can experiment with it now.
  17. I forgot to mention. Since I've learned .NET I have replaced all my scheduled macros that preform background maintenance tasks. They're so simple to create and much more reliable. If you ever need something simple, let me know and I can program something for you.
  18. According to GE the closest part of Carlsbad is 13.3 miles from my house as the crow flies. For extant macros I would use MeProc.exe as the executable. It checks if MEP is running and if it is, pass the command to the running process and if it isn't, it will launch MEP and run the macro. It's quicker if MEP is running. For the parameters I use "/A <MacroName>". Look in the Command Line Parameters section of the help file for instructions and examples.
  19. I don't know because I don't use MEP for that kind of thing. I use the Windows Task Scheduler instead. Maybe that would work for you as well?
  20. Have you tried the Repeat With Folder command?
  21. Have you tried running MEP as an administrator? Why don't you run robocopy from MEP?
  22. I had a macro once where the user could train the macro. It stored all the coordinates in a text file. It was simple.
  23. What about the string is distinctive? If you tasked a human to do it manually, how would you describe it? IE what rule would you give them?
  24. In a web browser the entire displayed page is one control. The web form controls within it are not accessible. I too had this same problem. Often it's environmental as well. The user zooms in the web browser, has different borders, and about 99 other things that cause the controls to change position slightly. For that reason I completely abandoned the technique of mouse clicks. Instead I relied completely on tabbing or other keystroke combinations. I would even maintain tables of tab counts externally as a map for all the pages and controls so I didn't have to change my macro as often. It's far more reliable.
  25. Quark! There's a product name I haven't heard for ages. It's very early and I'm tired so I'm not sure how much help I will be but I have a few thoughts for you. I don't think it is but if Quark 8 is a UWP application you will not be able to access controls and will have other limitations. UWP are the new modern apps from MS you get and manage from the App Store. You should try running MEP as an administrator. You should submit a support request with ISS. They are very responsive.