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  1. Retrieve Sheetname from Excel

    If you put =Sheet() in an empty cell it would give you the sheet number. You could write a VBA macro to pop up a dialog box with the sheet name. Trigger it with a hotkey in Excel.
  2. Shortcuts extremely slow

    Is the Ctrl+k being 'typed' from a macro? Or are you saying that you're experiencing this when you manually type Ctrl+k?
  3. Shortcuts extremely slow

    To be clear, if you terminate MEP, the keyboard shortcuts in Outlook are responsive again?
  4. Hi Jeff! I can't think of any way to circumvent the password. ISS might be able to help you with that. Off the top of my head all I can think of is to create a new file. Then import all the macros except the PGM macros from the old file.
  5. I requested a feature to find and replace in multiple macros.
  6. That's a hard one. I think Terry has more experience with this. One thing that I suggest is that you never use Magic Numbers. That is to say, things like this shouldn't be hard coded. You should keep them as a setting in an INI file or something. I prefer to use the Windows Registry. I'm sure by now you can see the reason why.
  7. It does see that way. Timing for web pages is often a difficult thing in MEP. Search here if you have troubles, there are a lot of posts explaining techniques we use.
  8. Sub with parameters

    Not exactly. What I do is to create macros as subroutines but you can't pass parameters like a normal program. So I use variables that are scoped properly. If you notice when you define a variable there's an option for it to be available to sub-macros. I found scope in MEP to be confusing so I wrote this page to explain it. You can also use some other mechanism like the registry.
  9. You might need to add a delay. Often the web page technically loads but then there are additional scripts that execute after this. Timing of web pages is one of the greatest challenges in MEP.
  10. Macro Express Pro v

    Awesome! Thanks for all your hard work.
  11. Waiting for Key Press - more choices

    You might consider making a feature request on their website. I've been thinking of creating a generic .NET webform that a macro could define. Mainly people want to have multiple text fields. In my vision there my program would take text file as a command line parameter. Each line of the text file would create the form controls in a simplified way. EG text boxes, buttons, radio buttons, check boxes. Look in my posts for my offer. I could see creating a 'wait for key press' control. However no one seems interested in it so I can't justify spending the time to make what could be a very useful add-in. I would also like to make add-ins for RegEx, Web tasks and other functions MEP doesn't have.
  12. Integer seconds to yyyymmdd-hhmmss ?

    I'm very behind with work and don't have time. Can you make a simple macro that demonstrates the problem. Also instead of using a dialog box to prompt the user, can you just set a text variable? I'm thinking it should be a 2 line macro.
  13. Cannot run any PGM macros

    I meant to suggest you turn off ANTI-malware or ANTI-virus, not that you have malware. For instance I know McAfee makes it impossible to install Carbonite or any of it's updates. It blocks many changes the installer tries ot make. So I disable it, run the install, then re-enable.
  14. Correct. Here again you need to use MEP's file manipulation commands and stay away form Window File Explorer.
  15. Waiting for Key Press - more choices

    Not much time to comment but waiting for for an unknown key is not something MEP does. Look in the forum and you will find dozens of times people have wanted this but it wasn't available. It's best to think of another way to do what you need. Paul has probably the most reasonable solution and to my way of thinking that's too complicated.
  16. Windows controls can interact with no-focused and even hidden windows. But why use Windows File Explorer? I would use MEP's file manipulation commands. If I wanted to open the third JPEG file in a folder I would do a Repeat with Folder until I found the third. Then Use the Program Launch command. In the parameters use whatever parameters (command line switches) your app uses to open a file. In most cases it's simply the file name with path. I used to do this a lot with PDF files. I've written thousands of macros and I have never found a need to use Windows File Explorer for anything. Much better to use the MEP file manipulation commands.
  17. Cannot run any PGM macros

    So it's possible that anti-malware software on your computer could be blocking the creation of registry settings. This is how malware works, seems likely it could be interfering. You should try running the installer as an administrator and disabling all security software for the duration of the installation. I downloaded the PGM once when I first started using MEP. But every time I wanted a function it seemed the PGM did things a little differently than I wanted and i just ended up making my own. Eventually I gave up on it. At one time I had a fairly large library of Macros I used as sub-routines.
  18. Integer seconds to yyyymmdd-hhmmss ?

    The problem with your macro is that array variables in MEP are not zero based. IE unlike normal programming languages, they start at 1.
  19. Integer seconds to yyyymmdd-hhmmss ?

    I can simulate not having a DropBox account with Incognito in Chrome. You can too. I think it's called Private in FireFox. I see the same thing you describe and can optionally do the "Direct Download". It doesn't direct download. I get the same as #1. Same as #1 again. This time it doesn't prompt me and I the file automatically downloads. I don't see anything of DropBox.
  20. Cannot run any PGM macros

    I don't know what is creating the keys but maybe some security software is preventing it?
  21. Integer seconds to yyyymmdd-hhmmss ?

    I take it back, you did insert it the correct way! I forgot the new forum shows them differently.
  22. Integer seconds to yyyymmdd-hhmmss ?

    I get this. And here is a screenshot of the file properties. I'm not having any problem downloading it. And MEP sees the file as a valid MEX file. There's simply nothing in it. 63,918 bytes so it seems there should be something in it. I made an empty MEX just now and it's only 60 bytes. You might try to "Pack" command in the Tools menu. I don think you have attached the file as Samrae suggests. You're inserting links. See in this post how something is inserted. Test.mex
  23. Integer seconds to yyyymmdd-hhmmss ?

    I downloaded both links again but I still don't see a macro inside.
  24. Integer seconds to yyyymmdd-hhmmss ?

    Terry I downloaded your file but is was empty.
  25. Working with KML/HTML files

    .NET is milliseconds. In fact the default format for DataTable in .NET is XML. One command, E.G. dtMyTable.ReadXml(c:\DataFile.kml"). I have loaded huge data tables this way and it's instantaneous. I'm guessing the time it takes to read from disk is slower. But as long as it's fast enough, MEP works fine. When I would do mine I was ablative as well but a little different when there were multiples. I would find the XML/HTML tag location, add the length of the tag, and delete everything up to that. Then find the next left-angle-bracket and decrease one and that was the length. So then get sub-string from the first position to it. Then find the next and delete again. One must do the deletions because MEP's Variable Set Integer > Set to the Position of Text in a Text Variable command doesn't include a parameter for starting position. If it did, you could start each subsequent search after the position of the previous location. Hmmm. I'm going to request that as a feature...