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  1. Exactly what acantor said. If it's MDI you might have some issues. In some cases the 'documents' can exist outside the parent window. But technically they're still part of that parent window. Also if there are multiple windows with the same title it can get difficult. I had that problem with Outlook. But look and see what you see when you browse and we will take it from there.
  2. Is the program a UWP app (Windows Store) or a conventional WinAPI program?
  3. You're welcome.
  4. You have something wrong. You have %REPCOUNTER% used as an array variable (REPCOUNTER[1]%) and as a singular variable (%REPCOUNTER%). It can't be both. I think lines 5 and 6 should be using a different variable. Something like %Iterations%. Then you will repeat %Iterations% number of times and save the current iteration to something like %Index% in the repeat command. Then you would move to %XCOORD[%Index%]%, %YCOORD[%Index%]%.
  5. And we're here to help you learn.
  6. Using my split method it would not matter how many digits the numbers are.
  7. TO answer your question about passing variable you set them as you do any variable. If you read the "Variables" section of the help file it explains. If you want to access directly %you can access any element of the array directly using the %VariableName[X]% convention where X is the element number. The split command will set them directly. If you need them as integers you will need to cast them with Variable Modify String > Convert to Integer.
  8. PotterHarry you need to try things yourself at time. Read the help file. Don't wait for others to show you the way. Make a test macro and try some things. Look at all the Variable Modify commands. Think about it an learn the capabilities. Experiment :-)
  9. You could just delete the first 7 characters then split on "Y:". Bam! Done.
  10. I would use Text File Process command if it's a file. Then in the loop I would use the Variable Modify String with the Copy Part of Text option. Simple. Assuming the X coordinate is always 4 digits of course. As per your sample.
  11. I'm glad you got it to work. I hope your team wins the next game.
  12. What was wrong with my solution? I even wrote you sample macros.
  13. Here. TimeDifference2.mex
  14. Variable Modify Decimal > Options > Truncate to Integer. Then add 1.
  15. I would save them as delimited text and use split/join.
  16. Is this what you want? TimeDifference.mex
  17. Why isn't subtracting the values working for you?
  18. I didn't know 2-3 seconds qualified as a success for you. I apologize.
  19. Maybe try this.
  20. If you remove your cloud accounts from Excel does it load quicker?
  21. Have you tried launching excel.exe with the command line parameter containing the file name? I doubt it will make any difference.
  22. Excel command line switches I doubt it will be of any use but you might check some of these switches to see if there's a quicker way to load.
  23. I don't have time right now for an in-depth response but I suggest using the MEP file rename command. Much more reliable. And MEP can parse the file name for you. Depending on your use the way we tell MEP where the file is would be the only part not determined. But if you can I recommend not using Windows File Explorer at all. Also look into Repeat with Folder.
  24. When I open Excel it's immediately apparent but then it takes a few seconds before the suggested files and such are made apparent. EG Recent files. When the suggestions appear so too does the links to my OneDrive, SharePoint, et al. This takes 7 seconds on my machine. I believe when starting cold it needs to establish connections to all these web resources. But it's only a guess. I made a macro to launch the executable. Takes 4-5 seconds or so. If I launch the file name with Excel already open it's 2 seconds. If I launch the file name without Excel open it's 7-8 seconds. I think it just takes Excel some time to initialize. And if you watch the screen and launch excel.exe you can see it takes some time as I described above. Maybe try disabling all your office accounts you're connected to in Excel.
  25. You're welcome.