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  1. How to extract values from a script

    That did it Cory..thanks very much.
  2. How to extract values from a script

    Text File End Process Variable Save: Save All Variables Mouse Move: 705, 641 Relative to Screen Mouse Left Button Down Variable Set Integer %REPCOUNTER[1]% to 750 Repeat Start (Repeat %REPCOUNTER[1]% times) Mouse Move: %XCOORD[%REPCOUNTER%]%, %YCOORD[%REPCOUNTER%]% Relative to Screen Delay: 0.1 seconds End Repeat Mouse Left Button Up Text Box Display: My mouse coordinates are now recording successfully. In the above code I'm seeing variable is the wrong type error on this line: Mouse Move: %XCOORD[%REPCOUNTER%]%, %YCOORD[%REPCOUNTER%]% Relative to Screen. They are all integer variables and they are defined. Is my syntax incorrect? XCOORD and YCOORD are array variables with 750 elements. Thanks.
  3. How to extract values from a script

    Elegant is not the word...it works!! Thanks.
  4. How to extract values from a script

    Hi again. Thanks Cory and rberq for your leads .. in the end I gave up on length of string in favour of sampling the first character. This macro does work very well, but the use of "If variable %LOOP[1]%" in lines 23-27 seems rather inelegant. Is there a more efficient way of passing these values to a predefined array? STRIP VALUES_2.mex MouseRecorderPro2.txt
  5. How to extract values from a script

    Hi again. Of course I am learning all the time (as I'm sure we all are) but in my case evidently I'm a lot lower down the snakes and ladders board. I do have a working macro now, with some issues. I have used the length of the string to eliminate lines that do not contain x or y. I'll take a look at the split function suggested by Cory later when I get back from work.
  6. How to extract values from a script

    I have made some progress .. 1) How do I "pass" the values to an integer array variable 2) How can i get it to ignore the lines that start with a 5 3) What if the length of the number is only 3 digits (this will happen)? Thanks!! STRIP VALUES.mex
  7. How to extract values from a script

    Thanks both for your help .. I'll give it a try later.
  8. Hi... below is a script section copied from Notepad. What do I have to do to extract the values of X and Y into integer array variables? **Script version** 5 864 1 X:1701 Y:580 1 X:1700 Y:580 1 X:1692 Y:574 1 X:1687 Y:572 5 32 1 X:1678 Y:568 1 X:1664 Y:563 1 X:1648 Y:559 1 X:1636 Y:555 5 32 1 X:1621 Y:549 1 X:1603 Y:539 1 X:1555 Y:515 1 X:1523 Y:496 5 32 1 X:1484 Y:477 1 X:1440 Y:462 1 X:1391 Y:446 1 X:1286 Y:421 I will only waste hours if not days if I don't ask
  9. Writing values to registry. Best approach?

    Thanks rberq .. I have 44 fields that save quite nicely in the registry to individual keys as text strings, with separators. Must research environment variables. It seems that everything I do is eventually superseded by a more elegant solution!
  10. Writing values to registry. Best approach?

    Thanks Cory .. My first attempt worked!!
  11. Hi all I have sampled a range of screen positions to an array variable %incr[1]%, %incr[2]%. These are integer variables. Currently I am writing all these many variables to individual registry keys. How would it be possible (if indeed it is) to store this list of values in a single key? Join variable seems to be Text based, and these values are integer. I'd appreciate a steer in the right direction. Thank you !!
  12. Invisible registry item

    I've got it now.. Line 5: should read If registry: key etc. and lines 23 & 24 were missing a backslash after drawingmacro1 and drawingmacro2. Works flawlessly now. <READ REGISTRY VALUE Key="HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\SOFTWARE\\macroexpress\\drawingmacro1\\" Destination="%DRAWINGMACRO[1]%"/> Thanks for your invaluable help. Simple things do throw me!!
  13. Invisible registry item

    Thanks for taking the time to do this drawingmacro1 appears on my registry in the screenshot on my first post. I've attached the registry export.. ME Reg [Cory].reg
  14. Invisible registry item

    I removed it and it made no difference.
  15. Invisible registry item

    Hi Cory Thanks your reply. I like the pizza delivery guy analogy.. I have attached a sample macro, and a jpeg of my registry keys and the textbox display output (the last one). At runtime lines 5-7 do not cause the textbox to display as if drawingmacro variable does not exist. Clearly from my image of regedit it does. This macro that I have included here refuses to read the last two variables as if they don't exist. The values are text strings stored in the registry at an earlier run-time. The odd thing is, if i copy and paste that same code to a later part of my main macro, then it works ?!? It's as if those two variables are not accessible UNLESS they are stored and retrieved within the same macro activation. Is this normal windows behaviour? Thanks PH REGISTRYTEST.mex