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  1. Where I received my licence key ?

    Contact support at https://www.macros.com/purchaseprotection.htm
  2. No, I should have read more carefully!
  3. Has anyone tried to edit macros in the Direct Editor instead of the Script Editor? I haven't had the need to do this yet but it seems like one approach that may work. A Ctrl+R brings up a Find and Replace dialog in the Direct Editor. If you need more powerful editing tools you could open a macro in the Direct Editor, copy it to the clipboard, paste into a text editor, make changes, and then copy from the text editor and paste it back into the direct editor. This is not a substitute for a global Find/Replace.
  4. Regarding repeat loop

    It is more difficult to help because you posted a screen shot instead of an actual macro. A macro can be attached to posts in this forum. Here are a couple of things that I would change: 1. If your testdat.txt file contains only one item per line I would use the Text File Begin/End Process commands instead of the ASCII File Begin/End Process commands. But, the ASCII File Begin Process should work. 2. Either of those commands put the content of the testdat.txt file into a variable. It is not necessary to include this command: Variable Set String %T1% from File: "Testdat.txt" 3. You may want to move this line just below the ASCII File Begin Process command: Variable Set %N1% to ASCII value of %T1%
  5. This is true if you highlight the macros in the Macro Explorer grid. But if you click File, Export macros a dialog comes up listing the macros that contains this option: [ ] Include the category information in the new file Have you tried this way to export macros this way?
  6. Shortcuts extremely slow

    I would check your internet security software. Windows Defender was causing this exact error some time ago. At times Norton Internet Security does that today. Also, what version of Macro Express are you using? Sometimes certain issues are fixed by updating to the latest version.
  7. Macro Express Confused In Memu

    If interested, here is an article describing How to Run Macro Express as Administrator when Windows Starts.
  8. I second Cory's suggestion. Create a new file and import only the macros you want.
  9. Macro Express Confused In Memu

    The first thing to try is to run Macro Express Pro as Administrator.
  10. Integer seconds to yyyymmdd-hhmmss ?

    Terry, I'm sorry. You did use the attachment link. I don't know why it would refer to dropbox, however. Like Cory, I downloaded the file from the link and opened it in Macro Express Pro. There were no macros in the file. I then packed the file and the size was set to 60 bytes. That is the size of an empty macro file. Maybe it will work better if you copy it from the dropbox link to a folder on your hard drive and then attempt to attach it from there.
  11. Integer seconds to yyyymmdd-hhmmss ?

    Terry, Why don't you just attach the files to the forum post? I see "Drag files here to attach, or choose files..." below.
  12. Append Macro Data to Shared Google Sheet

    Something like this may work: Set Variable %T1% to "Path to My Documents" Replace "\Documents" with "\Google Drive\Folder A\Folder B\Shared Excel Data File.csv" in %T1%
  13. Can you save the filepath before you have Acrobat open it?
  14. Look at the Variable Set From File command.
  15. A scheduled macro never runs

    Are you logged on to Windows when the macro is supposed to run? Try setting the time to 12:01 AM and see if it makes a difference.