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Its me again. Who am I? One of the first results you'll get out of google if you're looking to make your keyboard autofire/turbo/rapid fire. Quite a frustrating experience when, ever after years, I have yet to find a solution to this.


What I want to do: I play fighting games online, and too many people use autofire. I don't mind not using it on people that don't use it, but those that DO use it have insane advantage, and nobody seems to care or label them as cheater. Thus, I want autofire too.


To be more specific: While holding a key, its as if you were tapping it really quickly so that it works in game. The games I play easily detect the input, thats not the problem.



Now I don't have the old macros but the problem was always the same: Holding one button down with autofire -did- work, but add any other key and it started "overflowing" or whatever - inputs were lost and keyboard stopped responding properly for a few seconds.


Now, I don't get it. If I use XPadder (program to make your joystick input keyboard or mouse commands), I can use autofire for the keyboard keys and guess what, it works juts fine. Perfectly, no problem, no matter what. But of course, I have been playing fighting games for years with a Keyboard... thats where I want my autofire.



I tried to macro something (like, say X), that holds a certain Joystick button which is programed through XPadder to autofire ANOTHER key (say, O), which would be a punch key for the game or whatever. No luck, autohotkey can't do that apparently: at least it didn't work.




So, I'm lost. I just want a proper autofire, it IS possible, it has to be, but during years I have found absolutely no programs of any kind that does this. I was hoping that there was a way to make a proper autofire macro, but I know too little about it. I hope someone can help me.

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