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Long delay after launching Excel?

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I believe the shortcut must be on the DESKTOP if you want to activate it via hotkey, not in a folder. (Recognizing that the desktop IS a folder... in Windows 7, it's C:\Users\[Your Name]\Desktop)

Ctrl + Alt + 8 is a fine hotkey, and no fancy finger work is needed! For this combo, it's easiest to hold Ctrl and Alt with two fingers with your left hand -- I use (piano) fingers 2 and 4 (or 1 and 2). Then press and release 8 with your right hand, which is free. Finally, release the two fingers on the left hand. It's a bit of a stumble at first, but practice slowly and deliberately, and you will likely find you can orchestrate the presses automatically, in a second or less.

It's a skill that nobody is born with. It takes a bit of time to master. These skills are not as hard as acquire as learning to touch type or playing the baritone bassoon!

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The shortcut fails from the Desktop and the Start menu, its two limited locations. From my earlier googling I get the impression that program shortcut keys are inflexible and erratic in use and have concluded that they're best avoided.

My fingers are not quite that inflexible! I was referring to your apparent recommendation to use four keys. ("But the safest combos are Ctrl + Shift + Alt + something.")

Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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I didn't know 2-3 seconds qualified as a success for you. I apologize.

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