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MEX PRO and Win 10 Pro Problems

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In Windows 10 Pro Macros are not performed. Instead say seem kind of halted. A message appears that they are halted in line 3 for example.

Hoovering over Forrest display that several macros are running but they are not performed. Why?

Every macro operated flawlessly under Win 7.

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There must be something wrong in line 3 then. Maybe something environmental in that line. can you share that line so we can examine it?

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I'm back again, the Problem is still there but I could narrow it down. I use MLO (MyLifeOrganized) and got a Macro that activates the Window and clicks on an Entry.  The Macro freezes when it executes the Mouseclick and my Mouse is in "Drag & Drop" Mode.

I don't get any Error Message, but it has something to do with the Mouseclick that MEX executes being interpreted as "Drag & Drop" for some odd reasons. This seems to happen in MLO under Win10. (on Win7 it runs just fine)

I need to Terminate Macro Express completely to stop that Macro at that point.

If I hover over Forrest a grey mouseover appears with all macros which were malfunctioning. Those are not able to start again. Other macros will either work or also malfunction and then appear in the list of Forrest.



Running Macros:

  • MLO Go to One
  • Windowreset

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