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  2. 1. Double check whether the Search button can reached via standard navigation techniques, such as pressing Tab and Shift + Tab. The key sequence might be quite strange, e.g., Tab, Tab, Right arrow. 2. Check whether Macro Express can "see" the Citations window when it's open. When setting the scope to Window-specific, does the Citation window appear anywhere in this list? If the answer to both of these questions is no, then you'll need to resort to dodgy techniques that are possible yet labour-intensive to implement. For example: ensuring the window al
  3. IF the Citation window ALWAYS appears in the same location on the screen, perhaps your macro could move the mouse to the specific location on the screen where the icon resides, then click the mouse. I have several macros triggered by hotkeys that do this, and as long as I run full-screen windows, the icon location is consistent. Of course, an application update sometimes moves the icons a little bit, then the macro must be adjusted for the new location.
  4. No. Sorry. Those are MDI windows. Some apps will allow one to have SDI windows as an option however. Check your settings and documentation. Also look at the program documentation for navigation shortcuts. There may be a way within the program to navigate to the windows you want with keyboard shortcuts.
  5. My genealogy program running on Window 10 displays various windows where one can enter data or make selections. I don't think these are actual microsoft windows, or at least I can't see their names, but they do have unique names, like "Citation" . On the Citation widow I would like to select the search Icon. There is no keyword option on the widow to select it, it must be done with a mouse click Is there a way to do this with Macro Express?
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  7. I agree. The potential savings of a macro that creates variables on the fly needs to be balanced against the time and effort needed to make it work. I can imagine spectacular failures along the way. Although it could be a fascinating project to test one's mettle, it's not something Macro Express was designed to do. But there is another possibility. Under "Preferences," "General" tab, "Dialogs." there is this option: "Prompt the user to create a variable that is not defined." When unchecked, the variables that one creates in the Script Editor are
  8. I was thinking of something similar. Maybe open the script in the Direct Editor, copy all to the clipboard, manipulate whatever needs to be manipulated to add a variable, then paste the modified content back into the Direct Editor, overlaying the original macro. Seems like a good way to get into trouble .... I have been trying to figure out why anyone would WANT to create variables on the fly. Perhaps to set up the "data" environment all at once, before starting to write the procedural logic for a macro. You could make a spreadsheet or text file with variable names and attribu
  9. Although I don't know a straightforward way to create Macro Express variables on-the-fly, that doesn't mean it's impossible. Many years ago, I developed a Macro Express script that generated other Macro Express scripts. I wonder whether the approach could be applied to the problem of generating variables. The script worked by sending sequences of keystrokes and mouse clicks to the Macro Express user interface. After a lot of tweaking, the script was nearly 100% reliable, although while running, the script felt brittle.
  10. Thanks for the answer and the example. Much appreciated, though I was hoping that MEX could create Variables "on the fly".
  11. Maybe see if you are launching too many processes. Maybe an infinite loop in the macro. Might also be that there are more processes running than MEP can enumerate? Yup. Contact ISS. Also it would help to know more about what your macro is doing. And have you tried removing parts and checking to see what part is causing the problem. Are you running MEP on the remote system or are you trying to run MEP through the remote connection from the client machine? Also don't forget that running MEP in a RDP session is often a bad idea. When you disconnect from i
  12. Agree with rberq. Maybe complete a bug report.
  13. It seems to be related to the amount of processes running on the system. If it exceeds 1536 then Macro Express causes the server to hang. Can we somehow increase this amount?
  14. Hello, We are running Macro Express Pro (latest version) in a remote desktop environment. We have moments all our accounts freeze and CPU is 100% in use. When I check the log files we see a lot of these errors: 10:09:27:572: Processes.enumWinNTProcs pid size error: The size of pid may be too small Sizeof(pid): 6144 MAX_PROCESSES: 1536 Any one experienced this and knows what this error means?
  15. You will need to define every variable you plan to input into the script. You can define dozens or hundreds of variables, if you want. All of those variables shouldn't impact performance significantly. This script accepts variables "a", "b", and "chrome" only: Variable Set String %a% to "" Variable Set String %b% to "" Variable Set String %chrome% to "" Variable Set String %VariableName%: Prompt If Variable %VariableName% Equals "a" OR If Variable %VariableName% Equals "b" OR If Variable %VariableName% Equals "chrome" Variable Set String %%VariableName%% to topmost wind
  16. Is it possible to create a variable from a prompt? What i'm trying to do is, when I run the Macro I get prompted for a string, let's say I type in "chrome", then the variable %chrome% gets created and contains the window title of the topmost window. Something like this: <VARIABLE SET STRING Option="\x01" Destination="%prompt%" Mask="FALSE" OnTop="FALSE" Left="Center" Top="Center" Monitor="0"/> <VARIABLE SET STRING Option="\x05" Destination="%%prompt%%"/> When I tried to use the viariable %%prompt%% (which would be %chrome% in this example) I ge
  17. Wait for sound to finish is unchecked. I'll try your suggestion of a delay. Thanks!
  18. If you have the Wait for sound to finish in the Sound Wave File command checked then you cannot stop the sound. Maybe you could try unchecking that and putting a delay after the Sound Wave File command. Then if you click to stop the delay the sound will stop.
  19. Hi, I have a small 2 line macro. It's used to remind me to watch Masterpiece Theater. Sound Wave File: Masterpiece Theater.wav Text Box Display: Watch PBS The box remains until user clicks on the "OK" button I can't seem to find a way to STOP the sound file before it finishes. If I'm near the computer and see the message, I don't need the file to finish playing. I've looked through all the commands and can't find one that works. Am I missing something simple? Thanks!
  20. You're welcome. I find them useful for annotation but also for visually organizing my code.
  21. Many thanks. I was not aware of this way of inserting comments. When it is done this way they can be exported. I might go through my macros and add line comments.
  22. With the app maximised, try methodically establishing the locations (x,y coordinates) of points in the middle of all the boxes into which you expect the macro to enter text. Do so under the differing conditions that you actually encounter. If/when you find an inconsistency (when a box location has changed), try to identify exactly why. As just one example, it may be lower down because extra material (such as tabs in your we browser) have been generated for some reason at the top. You may then be able to determine what that ‘extra’ is by some fairly simple logic test, typically wi
  23. I gave you an example 🙂 In the macro there are two ways to comment. In the macro command or by inserting a comment inline. It's not a command, but you insert and see them like a command. In my example "Line comment" is the comment. It's the second line in the macro. You can read about them in the help file on the page titled "Comment". I use them extensively but given some samples I've seen I think some macro writers might not be aware of it. Sometimes my commend will be a string of "=" to use as a visual divider even. In the future if you want comments to be exported, you might be able
  24. I did, but did not know what you meant by a "line comment". How does one make one?
  25. It's like you didn't read my post. Hmff 🙂
  26. For at least one badly-behaved app that I've automated, I was forced to Tab (or Shift+Tab) 10, 15, 20, maybe 25 times to reach some targets. It wasn't ideal, but the macros worked reliably.
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