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  2. We need more information. At the very least show your script and your code, both using the Code tool <>.
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  4. I use my macro for some bigdata arrangement. it need to macro replay hundred or thousand time. with function array +1 but when cycle time over 100 or many. it works slower gradually what's problem? macro cycle make some cache? or MEP setting miss? or MEP have some delay for Prevent bug? I want make my work speed very fast Plz help me.
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  6. I ran ME 3 for many months on Win 10. I don't remember whether it asked that on the very first startup, but it was OK otherwise. Are you saying it asks every time it starts?
  7. ME3 will not startup in WIN10 without asking "allow app to make changes to your device". How to I get around this?
  8. Thanks Cory for your prompt assistance I will speak to my seniors as I need it for my organisation
  9. http://user:password@domain.com/ THis is how it's done if you want to try.
  10. Come to think of it, I don't think the credentials in the URI will work either as the MEP command doesn't create a session.
  11. There is no way. I write my own scrapers in .NET that use HTTP Request/Response and one needs to have the credentials in the request. They don't magically transfer over to another. However you can add credentials to a URL but that's basic authentication and not secure. I know Chrome and MS browsers stopped supporting it, however you won't be using them. You can see my other post here where in your browser you can use a "view-source" protocol in Chrome to get the HTML. So see my web page for instance you enter "view-source:http://bluepointdesign.com/" in the address bar. I'm
  12. Hi i want to know how to use http get command in MEP for active session of already logged in website. I have logged in to a website and have a result page there,can i use http get command to copy result to variable and then parse data
  13. Macro Express v - Macro Express Pro v Macro Express 5 and Macro Express Pro 6 have been updated with many improvements, UI adjustments and bug fixes. There is one important change of particular note. Recently Windows Defender SmartScreen began blocking unwise.exe, the program used to uninstall Macro Express, due to security vulnerabilities. Blocking occurred when using Microsoft Edge and Windows 10 whether or not Windows Defender or another Internet Security program was being used. You likely experienced this issue if you attempted to uninstall Macro Exp
  14. Sometimes the software for your mouse will let you assign programs to buttons. You could try there.
  15. You could look into the instruction "Wait for Key Press" which has many wait options other than "key." You might be able to do something with that. You can start a macro (or multiple macros) that just sit on the Wait instruction, then when the key-press occurs the waiting macro can run some other macro. Unfortunately the wait appears to deal only with three mouse keys, not four or five, but you could potentially set up a combination of mouse keys or letters. It might be tricky and involve multiple macros. Good luck!
  16. (Once again a post I made hours ago, successfully, seems to have vanished. I’ll try again. Apologies if it turns up twice.) No and no. Instead think in terms of starting macro X and then after a very brief interval starting macro Y.
  17. Is it possible? I'd need a macro that starts when I press mouse4 and mouse5 down at the same time. Another question! Can I command a macro to start after you keep (a) specific key(s) pressed down for x seconds?
  18. acantor: I already suggested using window activation but the OP said he doesn't know what the window title will be. OP: I assume that the window title is so different that the partial match or wildcard option will not work. Is that correct? Can you give us some examples? Screen shots? I'm confused. How do you know the app if every time the window appears is has a radically different window title? Another thought: How about being proactive instead of reactive? Instead of launching the program and then trying to detect it, have MEP launch the program and then you ca
  19. It's easy to change a macro activated by hotkey into a macro that is activated by the window title. In fact, the same macro can be activated by either a hotkey, or a window title. Open the script in the Macro Explorer, and go to the "Activations" tab. Click "Add" and then choose "Window Title." There are a lot of options, e.g., window gains focus or opens, partial or exact match of the title, etc. Some options are more reliable than others: for example, some people on this forum (but not all), recently noted that a trigger of a window gaining focus worked better than a trigger of a
  20. I'd love to know how to create a macro dynamically - specifically the type that activates on Window Title becoming active. Please could you share how you did it?
  21. Sure. Just Repeat with Windows command and when you find the one you want, change it. Also why don't you have a macro for each window title that activates by Window Title instead of HotKey? Then it would happen automatically. What command do you use to change them? I remember this from long ago, but have forgotten.
  22. It might be possible. Perhaps captures the current window title, revise it (or prompt the user to revise it), and save the result in a global variable that is restored the next time the macro is activated? Store the new name in a file that the macro reads when it is run? Try to avoid creating a macro that modifies another by manipulating the MEP user interface. I know it's possible because I've done it, but phew!!! It was a lot of work. Although result was almost 100% reliable, it failed occasionally... and spectacularly.
  23. I want to rename the captions (window titles) of certain windows as soon as the title of those windows come into view. At the moment I have a macro that when I hit the hotkey activation it prompts for the new window title and changes the current focused window title to the prompted value. However, when I restart the computer it changes all those window titles back to their original value. My idea was to, when the hotkey is pressed, dynamically create a macro that is activated by the original window title and then changing the title from within that macro. Is
  24. I just figured out that's the Quick Launch folder of Internet Explorer it's trying to access. Do you have macros that are trying to access these shortcuts? If so, you probably need to run MEP in administrator mode.
  25. Insight Software Solutions makes MEP. YOu shoudl have read this sticky post at the top of the forum about reporting bugs, requesting features, and requesting support. The link is in there. Since you are licensed you will get prompt and effective support. Interesting choice in Windows user name "383321". I wonder what you're using this for. It is possible your macro is trying to access files in that folder. Try closing your MEX and creating a new blank MEX. If the problem goes away, then the problem lies in one of your macros. Normally MEP would not access temporary files of Interne
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