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  2. acantor, I must apologize. I have been used a Dragon add-in named KnowBrainer for so many years that I had forgotten that it really is a separate program. When I loaded Dragon without KnowBrainer and put the commands into the MyCommands editor of Dragon I got the same results that you have reported. Although the Shell method of calling the Macro Express macros work fine, I am investigating this further and will let you know what I find out. Thanks so much for hanging in there with me. Tee
  3. OT: Cory, From what I read the problems with 1809 were not caught by the Windows Insider Program and were distributed with the general release. And no, the problems did not affect millions of computers but they did affect 10s or 100s of thousands. Article about 1809 bugs. The articles I have read did not say that the Check for Updates has anything to do with the Insider Program. They say that Microsoft can tell if users click Check for Updates and give priority to them for installing new updates. Those authors are recommending that we do not manually click "Check for Updates". See here, here, and here. In general I agree with you about the importance of updating. However, sometimes it is not possible due to practical reasons. I am the administrator of 14 computers in 3 separate buildings. Of these 5 are still running Windows 7 because they would not update to Windows 10. They will have to be replaced, probably sometime after next January when Microsoft stops patching Windows 7. The remaining 9 are running Windows 10. Two of those have successfully updated to 1809. The other 7 remain on 1803. We have spent hours trying to get them to update to 1809 but Microsoft is not even offering that update for those computers. In my home office I have 5 computers. One still runs Windows 7 because it would not update to Windows 10. Only the two newest computers have successfully updated to 1809. One laptop is still running Windows 10 1703. Periodically it starts downloading an update slowing the computer so much it is unusable. Then it proceeds to install the update. It fails after a couple of hours and then reverts back to the previous version of Windows. And then it repeats the process. After spending hours on the phone with Microsoft they said to reformat the drive. It will take literally days to rebuild that computer. I'm not even sure where all the license keys are for all the software on it. It would be better to replace that computer. I am waiting until I can afford (both in price and time) to buy a new one. In the meantime I use Macro Express to watch for the update process and kill it. All of these computers that will not update are working great for their intended purposes. Neither I nor the organization I work for can afford to replace all those computers at this time. So, we practice safe computing with firewalls, security software, safe policies but cannot update Windows.
  4. Samrae I heard about your last paragraph. I also heard that it's because people opted for the Windows Insider program, often unwittingly. They didn't realize that Windows Insiders get updates and patches ahead of normal users when they click the "Check for updates" button. I've asked a couple of Windows Insiders if they knew this was a consequence and they had no idea it affected updates. They just thought it was some cool club they wanted to be a part of. Most of the users who lost data with that installer bug were Windows Insiders.
  5. I administer many machines and have had no problems with 1809. There was a problem with it wiping out user data and not working when there was too little disk space but that was fixed instantly and is not a problem anymore. I will also point out that was not a problem with 1809, it was a problem with the installer. Different things. And I read many articles about security and you know what it always in the top 3 list for data security? Keep your system up to date. What do I and all the security experts in the world know? And I read 3 different IT newsletters a day. If there's a significant number of users experiencing a problem, I hear about it. Like the user data being wiped out. And of course 1809 is incredibly flawed... That's why the millions of machine around the world are having all these problems. Wait... What problems? Oh yeah. They're not having any problem now. There will always be users in forums complaining about bugs. But I will tell you something, that's not scientifically or statistically valid. I can prove the world is flat if I cruise the right forums. Another thing. I did Windows desktop support for years. 99% of the time someone thinks they are experiencing a bug in Windows, they're not. Most of the time they have a virus, their anti-virus is not properly configured, their hard drive is failing, system files are corrupt, or other problems. Just because a user in a forum claims they found a bug in Windows, doesn't make it so. I think it's better to keep current and reduce the potential threats and enjoy the new features. To always stay one major release behind increases the odds of problems more then the potential problems with bugs in the latest version. That's what I live by, but you can do whatever you like. BTW about a third of the thousands of problems I've fixed while doing desktop support the problem was their updates were not up to date. Simply updating them fixed the problem. In fact I had a trouble ticket Monday that appeared to be a OneDrive problem. Once I updated to 1809 the problem vanished. A similar problem happened with O365 Outlook in the same office. Again I updated them to 18099 and the problem vanished. I refuse to work on anyone's problem who is unwilling to update their OS, software and drivers because a large percentage of the time the problem has already been fixed. One simply needs to apply the update 🙂
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  7. I'm not surprised that lines 2 and 3 are causing problems, as the syntax for both is incorrect. But line 1 and 4 are valid. Perhaps the problem relates to the statements, the commands, or your Dragon profile. So let's check them all: 1. A problem with SendKeys and SendSystemKeys: Comment out (or delete) all lines containing SendKeys and SendSystemKeys. Then add something more straightforward, like this: SendKeys "Hello" SendSystemKeys "Goodbye" Set "Availability" to "Global," save the command, and try running it in a text editor. What happens? 2. A problem with the command: Create a new command. Don't clone an existing one. Start from scratch. Do you have problems with simple code like SendKeys "Hello"? If that works, try SendSystemKeys "Goodbye" If that works, try SendSystemKeys "{Ctrl+Shift+Alt+9}" 3. A problem with your Dragon profile: If trying the above results in error messages every time, export your commands, create a new Dragon profile (which only takes five minutes), and import your commands.
  8. SendSystemKeys "{Ctrl+Shift+Alt+9}" Error : Invalid instruction SendKeys "{Ctrl+Shift+Alt+9}" Error: (10111) Invalid key name SendSystemKeys "{^+%9}" Invalid instruction SendKeys "{^+%9}" Error: (10111) Invalid key name Using SendSystemKeys returns the error Invalid instruction no matter the number of modifiers or method of identifying the keys. Using SendKeys returns the error Invalid key name no matter the number of modifiers or method of identifying the keys Enter the key strokes from the keyboard always executes the command, without the name of the site, of course.
  9. Curious! 1. Try retyping this line. Don't copy it from somewhere else. Instead, Type every character. Then test. 2. Try assigning hotkeys with two modifiers instead of three, e.g., Ctrl+Alt+9, Shift+Ctrl+9, Shift+Alt+F12, and so on. If that doesn't work, I'm stumped! But at least the Shell method is finally working.
  10. After I recreated the scripts, the attached Shell command method seems to be working consistently. I am not running this as administrator. I was unable to get the Hot Keys method to work. The command SendSystemKeys "{Ctrl+Shift+Alt+9}" produce the error message Invalid Instruction. Thanks for all the help. Tee
  11. I'm with Samrae on this, Cory. Presumably you're happy with 1809, despite the negative comments I've seen reported? But I haven't even been offered it anyway. Also, on my Win 10 newsgroup, I’ve been told that: - all security patches have been delivered to 1803 users - users’ system specs are factors governing whether updates are installed. Terry, East Grinstead, UK
  12. acantor I have not tried it with the MeProc.exe , the code I listed above is one that I use with Dragon Medical 4, works fine. I think there was an issue with execute vs shellexecute with windows 10 James
  13. OT: The Windows 1809 was very buggy. It was released and pulled a couple of times. It was supposed to be released in September (09) but was not re-released until November. Microsoft has fixed some of the major issues but some bugs remain. I have several machines that are not even offered 1809. I have read that the Windows update looks for certain hardware and may not offer specific updates if the updates are not compatible with the computer. Another interesting thing is that researchers discovered that if you click "Check for Updates" in Windows 10 you may be offered updates sooner than others. The most recent advice is "Do not click Check for Updates" to allow others to beta test Microsoft's updates/patches.
  14. You're way behind on your Windows version. You missed the fall update to 1809. That also means you might be missing many post 1809 updates. Many security and stability issues were fixed since your version. Only a couple months before the spring update.
  15. James, Is the macro triggered if you specify MeProc.exe rather than MacExp.exe?
  16. I use the following If InStr(ListVar1, "plan") Then ShellExecute "C:\Program Files (x86)\Macro Express Pro\MacExp.exe /Aplan" try shellexecute
  17. Have you tried running Macro Express Pro as Administrator?
  18. What is on lines 1 through 3 of the Dragon script? Both scripts look fine. Try recreating the Dragon script totally from scratch, without any extra lines, and in a simplified form, e.g., Sub Main SendSystemKeys "{Ctrl+Shift+Alt+9}" End Sub
  19. Scripts are attached. Thanks for your help with this. Tee
  20. Post your MEP and Dragon scripts here. I'm curious what's on line 8.
  21. Thanks, acantor. When I run the command SendSystemKeys "{Alt+Shift+Ctrl+9}" on my computer, I get the error message shown in the attached file. When I run the Shell command method, the program runs all the way through but does not produce any results. The macro seems to run consistently when I key in the Alt, Shift, Ctrl and 9 keys. I am running Windows 10, Macro Express Pro 6 and DPI 15.3. Could the problem be with Windows 10? Thanks for your help with this. Tee
  22. Other things to check: 1. Ensure you don't have two Dragon commands with the same name. 2. Add a message box or a beep command to your MEP command. The Dragon command might be triggering the MEP command, but maybe the keystrokes the MEP command is sending aren't doing what you expect. 3. Check that the MEP macro file that contains your "FillWithRobo" script is open. You should be able to see it on the list in the left pane of the Macro Explorer, below "System Macros."
  23. I just tested the shell command method, and it worked fine. I wonder whether the problem you are experiencing has anything to do with the Windows version. I'm using Windows 7. Double-check that the nickname of your MEP macro is really "FillWithRobo", and that you don't have two different MEP scripts with the same nickname. Check the "Scope" in MEP, and the "Availability" of your script in Dragon. For testing purposes, you might want to make everything global.
  24. I just tested the hotkey method, and discovered that the code samples I provided in my article on Dragon/Macro Express integration no longer work. However, if you translate SendKeys into SendSystemKeys, the command works fine: SendSystemKeys "{Alt+Shift+Ctrl+9}" When I tried it with SendDragonKeys, it didn't work. It would appear that only SendSystemKeys may be used to invoke a Macro Express hotkey macro.
  25. Thanks, Samrae. I forgot to mention that I am using the latest programs for both Dragon and Macro Express, DPI 15.3 for Dragon and Macro Express Pro 6. I have tried Tools/Restore Keyboard and Mouse Hooks. I have also set the Option/activation/hooks/Auto restore the keyboard and mouse Hooks. All of this to no avail so far. Tee
  26. I had a problem a few months back where after reading a couple posts, the forum would mark all the unread posts as read. There was an update and then it seemed to go away. Today it happened to me again. I have no idea now which I need to catch up on. Screw it. I'm going to spend my time working on something else. Maybe they will come back tomorrow.
  27. I'm not sure if this is still the case but some years ago when I tried to use Dragon with Macro Express it would not work. There was something in Dragon that prevented access to other macro programs. At the time Dragon offered a more expensive version that did allow it to interact with Macro Express. To run macros Macro Express uses the Windows Hooks. Use of the hooks works if all programs using the hooks properly cooperate. However, some programs intentionally interfere with the hook chain. You might try clicking Tools, Restore Keyboard and Mouse Hooks from within Macro Express after Dragon is loaded. Another thing to try would be to run Macro Express as Administrator.
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