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  2. Thank you to everyone who replied, this was real helpful. James
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  4. I use a macro 'Comment (empty) below current line' with two alternative activations: Ctrl + F12 Mouse right-click on the Comment tool icon
  5. Many people don't realize you can comment in a command or add a line as a comment. It's in the list with the rest of the commands on the left. Macro Control > Comment.
  6. You're welcome. Also try Alt+Left to move to the list of commands and Alt+Right to move to the script.
  7. VM, Remote Desktop sessions and the like all shut down the GUI interface when not displayed. It simply will not work. Not for web pages or anything. Non GUI interacting macros will run fine. I used to use VNC which connects to the console of a desktop computer. I don't know if it will work with a VM.
  8. I didn't know that shortcut. Thank you Samrae!
  9. To enter a comment on a separate line: while in the Script Editor press Alt+Down Arrow to move to the Search box. Type "Comment" and then press the ENTER key. The Comment dialog comes up.
  10. On the right edge of the Script Editor, near the top, there are four small buttons. The top two are "Move command up" and "Move command down." To change the order of commands in the script, select a line (or more) and then click the button to perform the action you want. In addition, the are keyboard shortcuts to move lines up and down: Ctrl + Arrow Up Ctrl + Arrow Down I have a hazy recollection that on a computer I once used, I had to include the Shift key as part of these shortcuts: Shift + Ctrl + Arrow Up Shift + Ctrl + Arrow Down
  11. Thanks for the explanation I would like to do some thing like the above explantation. // -------------------------------------------------------- // Display Introduction and Instructions // -------------------------------------------------------- I was able to use the comment section on the right but it puts the comment after the command, I was unable to insert a comment in a line with out code attached. Thanks James
  12. A comment without text is a blank line. // ---------------------------------------------------------- // Initialization // ---------------------------------------------------------- Variable Set From Misc: "Name of Current Macro" into %MacroName% Variable Set String %T[1]% to "" Variable Set String %T[2]% to "You indicated that you are running Windows " Get OS Version String: %T[5]% // -------------------------------------------------------- // Display Introduction and Instructions // -------------------------------------------------------- Variable Set Integer %Left% to 0 // Unused
  13. I use blank comments to separate areas of my Macro Express code. I also use a yellow as a background colour to mark the first line of a new section.
  14. No. I like to separate too, so this was also a problem for me. I use a remark/comment. Technically not a blank line, but it works well.
  15. I am trying to find a way to separate code in to a way I can organize it better. Is there a way to insert a blank line to visual separate the code? Thanks James
  16. I have had little luck capturing and dealing with Window Controls of web pages. At best, I've been able to use Window Controls to zero in on the top left corner of the window itself, or depending on the browser and its version, the top left corner of the active window (i.e., the area underneath menus and toolbars.) Windows Controls are good to know about because of the possibility of getting programmatic access to an application. But for web pages and web-based apps, you may be forced to use less programmatic approaches, e.g., pixel colour changes, mouse cursor shapes, and so on.
  17. I have a macro that opens a website, logs in and then does a few clicks to download files. This is setup and working normal on my PC when i am logged on but i am trying to recreate this macro on a VM so that it can run when i am not actively using it. Does anyone have an example of something similar they have got to work with controlling chrome? I have been trying to use the window controls, i have have it set to use chrome and get to the website but i can't get it to activate the login text box. A single tab keystroke after the page loads should set focus to the login box and i did try sending a tab to the control but doesn't work. I tried doing mouse click on control but doesn't seem to do anything either. Wondering if this is possible or doing something wrong.
  18. Wow! Samrae you rock! Running ME as Admin solved the issue instantly. Appreciate your help.
  19. Wow! Samrae you rock! Running ME as Admin solved the issue instantly. Appreciate your help.
  20. Hi everybody, I have been using ME in Window7 for a trading program for few years and it worked fine. Last week, I upgraded from Window7 to Windows 10 and ME is not working properly. My script launches a trading program and once it appears in Windows, activates it, and reposition to top left corner. <PROGRAM LAUNCH Path="C:\\NHTrader\\WooriTrader.exe" Mode="\x00" Default_Path="TRUE" Wait="5" Get_Console="FALSE"/> <DELAY Flags="\x01" Time="2"/> <WINDOW ACTIVATE Title="NH트레이더" Exact_Match="TRUE" Wildcards="FALSE" _IGNORE="0x0006"/> <SET WINDOW ORDER Window="\x01" Title="NH트레이더" Partial="TRUE" Wildcards="FALSE" Action="\x00" _IGNORE="0x0006"/> <TEXT TYPE Action="0" Text="1234"/> <VARIABLE SET STRING Option="\x05" Destination="%T[1]%"/> <WINDOW REPOSITION Option="\x01" Title="%T[1]%" Partial="FALSE" Wildcards="FALSE" Method="\x02" Left="0" Top="0" Monitor="0"/> <MESSAGEBOX Caption="rdrd%T[1]%trdr" Message="rdrd%T[1]%rdrd" Icon="1"/> In windows 10, it seems that ME does not recognize my trading program as a valid window. 1. If WINDOW REPOSITION command fails to recognize the window with Title="NH트레이더", it should fail, but it never does. In message box, its text is properlly captured. 2. Even though WINDOW REPOSITION command recognizes the window, reposition command itself does not work. Nothing happens to the target window. 3. I realized that mouse Locator tools does not work when the cursor is over the window of target program. Value in Pixel color keeps changing as I move the cursor on the target window, but value in position does not change. 4. Instead of WINDOW REPOSITION command, I tried TEXT TYPE command too, but it doesn't work either. Any one experiencing the same in Window10? Appreciate your valuable feedback in advance.
  21. Thanks @Cory, @acantor. I think Variable Set Integer is the perfect option I am looking for. I will try that.
  22. // Ask the user for starting coordinates... Variable Set Integer %x%: Prompt Variable Set Integer %y%: Prompt // Move the mouse pointer to these coordinates... Mouse Move: %x%, %y% Relative to Screen
  23. Variable Set Integer has a user input option.
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