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    OK, pleased to see you appear to have now got the hang of it ๐Ÿ˜‰ BTW, I never had an answer my question about the macro I exported? That would have avoided your difficulty with understanding what to paste. (Although it would admittedly have required learning how to import!)
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    Thatโ€™s easy enough: copy the code section (not the command text), open a new empty macro, and paste it in. Or you can just import the finished macro I exported and attached for you, and run that directly.
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    Hover over each and read what they do: Rectangular, Window, Freeform, and Full Screen. Just the same as using the Mode button in the old Snipping Tool. I assume you are saying you definitely want to remain with the old, unsupported tool called Snipping Tool, so that you can immediately save to a chosen location as before? If so then the following macro works for me: // Open the Start/Search box Text Type (Simulate Keystrokes): <WIND> Delay: 0.1 seconds Text Type (Simulate Keystrokes): <WINU> Delay: 0.1 seconds Text Type (Simulate Keystrokes): Snipping Tool Delay: 0.5 seconds Text Type (Simulate Keystrokes): <ENTER> // This opens the highlighted entry from your Search, which should by default be 'Snipping Tool'. Wait for Window Title: Snipping Tool Text Type (Simulate Keystrokes): <ALT>n // Select 'New' Delay: 0.1 seconds // Now proceed manually as advised, i.e. select and then save your target. <COMMENT Value="Open the Start/Search box"/> <TEXT TYPE Action="0" Text="<WIND>"/> <DELAY Flags="\x01" Time="0.1"/> <TEXT TYPE Action="0" Text="<WINU>"/> <DELAY Flags="\x01" Time="0.1"/> <TEXT TYPE Action="0" Text="Snipping Tool"/> <DELAY Flags="\x01" Time="0.5"/> <TEXT TYPE Action="0" Text="<ENTER>" _COMMENT="This opens the highlighted entry from your Search, which should by default be 'Snipping Tool'."/> <WAIT FOR WINDOW TITLE Title="Snipping Tool" Partial="FALSE" Wildcards="FALSE" Indefinite="TRUE" Hours="0" Minutes="0" Seconds="0"/> <TEXT TYPE Action="0" Text="<ALT>n" _COMMENT="Select 'New'"/> <DELAY Flags="\x01" Time="0.1"/> <COMMENT Value="Now proceed manually as advised, i.e. select and then save your target."/> Snipping Tool - New File.mex
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    The emails appear to come from noreply@invisioncloudcommunity.com
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    ... For responses, I have had good luck by clicking "Follow" at top-right, and selecting the option to get an email whenever there is activity. Strangely enough, just because you originated a topic, doesn't mean you are automatically enrolled to "follow" it.
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    @mikecox The easiest way to open Snip & Sketch is to use the keyboard shortcut combination Shift+Win+S. You can then use its four capture tools by clicking the appropriate icon. If you still need help to write a macro then please specify exactly what it should do once Snip & Sketch is open. P.S: After posting a query, in my experience you cannot rely on receiving a 'notification'. Just check back regularly.
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    ... If the older version does what you want, and is simpler to use, then it's perfectly OK to stick with it. After all, I still use the old Macro Express Version 3, and so far it does everything I want. If you have an experienced carpenter with an old hammer, why push him to buy a new one? ๐Ÿ˜‰
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    Try using the keyboard sequence to start it. The following works in Windows 7: // Text Type: <WIND><WINU> Text Type: snippingtool<ENTER> // I don't know why your macro doesn't work the way you wrote it. There's something weird about the way Windows indexes to some programs. Even though Windows Explorer shows it as a normal .exe in the System32 library, you can't open it by double-clicking the name. I read the explanation once upon a time but I'm not sure I understood it even then.
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