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    There appears to be is a carriage return (ASCII 13) at the end of the quote. So what I would do is copy the clipboard to a text variable (T1); calculate the position of ASCII 13 in T1 (N1); copy from character 0 to character N1 in T1, and assign it to T2; and then copy T2 to the clipboard. Variable Set to ASCII Char 13 to %T[99]% // This is the Ascii code for a carriage return Variable Set String %T[1]% from the clipboard contents Variable Set Integer %N[1]% to the position of "%T[99]%" in %T[1]% Variable Modify String: Copy a substring in %T[1]%, starting at 0 and %N[1]% characters long to %T[2]% Variable Modify String: Save %T[2]% to the clipboard You will likely need to tweak the code slightly. I haven't thoroughly tested the code. Also, I did this with Macro Express Pro, so the syntax will be a little different with Macro Express 3.