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    Others can better help you if you post your macro in a form that can be copied (as you did) and in a form that can be read, like this: // Accepte l'invitation. Variable Set Integer %N[1]% to %bleu_invitation% Repeat Until %N[1]% Does not Equal "%bleu_invitation%" Mouse Move: %pos_accepter_invitation[1]%, %pos_accepter_invitation[2]% Relative to Screen Mouse Left Click Text Box Display: débug : Delay: 500 seconds Mouse Move: 0, 0 Relative to Screen Delay: 500 milliseconds Get Pixel Color at (%pos_inte_invitation[1]%, %pos_inte_invitation[2]%) Relative to Screen into %N[1]% Text Box Display: débug : // Calibrage debug. Variable Set Decimal %bug_zone% to 1.7 Macro Run: - CALIBRAGE # - auto-debug. End Repeat Variable Set Decimal %bug_counter% to 0 You can copy your macro in a readable format by highlighting the macro commands, right-clicking your mouse and choosing "Copy Command Text". Looking at your macro in a format that we can read it shows that you have a delay of 500 seconds. That is more than 8 minutes.