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  1. The Macro Express Text Type command can type text much faster than the application receiving the text can process it. Keystrokes are buffered until the application can finish processing it. Problems can occur if the buffer fills up. Other problems occur if the macro is depending on something happening as a result of the items typed but it has not occurred yet. Sometimes a small delay works fine. Sometimes, however, a delay is not enough. When writing the sample macro "Type Special Characters" we discovered that the more information that is entered into a Notepad window the slower it responds. So, for example, the same delay that works with the first 100 lines of text will no longer work with lines 1200-1300. The Wait for Text Playback will wait until the buffer has been emptied before continuing. To see how this works open the "Type Special Characters" macro in the samples.mex macro file. This macro file should be copied to the folder in your documents folder where your macro files are located. It is also installed in the same folder as the Macro Express program files. If you are unable to find a copy of samples.mex it can be downloaded here: https://www.macros.com/samplemacrospro.htm. If you edit the Type Special Characters macro to disable the Wait for Text Playback commands it will not run correctly.
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