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  1. When I Placed my order on Sunday, I received an EMail confirmation that stated: "Your license, and media if ordered, will be sent pending credit card approval." The only way I know that my order was approved is I used my PayPal Credit Card and PayPal Notified me of the Charge. Nothing else has been received. Thanks, MGuyM
  2. Thank You for the speedy Reply. I saw that my charge went through today, but I haven't received anything regarding the ability to download and Register ME Pro. I did order the CD, does that mean I won't get to download to use it sooner, but rather have to wait for the CD? I only ordered the CD as a Backup. Thanks! MGuyM
  3. Now my question is: Will my current Macros work within Pro without Modification? (Backward Compatiblity?) Also, I purchased the PGM Functions Library v3.4.01 and I haven't been able to find anything regarding these powerful tools. Will they continue to work, or is there an Update I need to locate? Thanks!
  4. I for one would love to have a compiler ability to my ME Macros. To be able to write a macro and then compile it as a stand alone app to run without the player would be a wonderful enhancement. Thanks!
  5. This topic has come up for me recently too.... I have a Macro that runs for 6+ hours every day. It begins at a specified time, then it repeats itself every 25 Hours. The problem I run into is that if the PC is rebooted, then the 25 hour clock is reset to 0 and it won't run until the 25 hours are expired again. I have been toying with an idea to have the start time logged to an INI File and change my macro to instead check this time slot every hour and when it is greater then 25 hours since the last run, it runs again. But I've been having trouble putting this together logically. It sounds good, but I'm just not exactly sure of the logic to put it all together. Any Ideas to get me started??? Thanks!
  6. Kevin, Thank You So Much for the very detailed reply. You answered my dilema exactly. I now understand how to make things work from a single master File. Now I need to send you an EMail seperately to get the pricing to run ME on multiple computers in my home. Thank You Again!
  7. Hi all, I need some help with a potential dilema I've been trying to sort out. I have about 2 Dozen different Macros that I run on a single PC. I'm considering setting them up to run on multiple computers in my Network because the work load is becoming too great for just one PC to handle. Without addressing the Licensing Issues, (I'm already well aware of them). I'd like to know if it's possible to manage a Single Macro File on a Master Computer that several other computers can Simultaneously open/read/run this macro? Also, can the .MEX File be updated while it is also being accessed (IE. PC1 is running Macro1 and I use PC2 to update Macro2 at the same time. I'm sure if I tried to update Macro1 on PC2, that it would mess things up on PC1, so that would not be the issue. But the .MEX File would be accessible simultaneously). I'm sure I can copy the Macro file to each computer, but when I start making changes to the individual macros, then I would have to make sure that all computers are updated and I would prefer to just manage the code in a single location. Thank you in Advance for your responses. Sincerely, MGuyM
  8. Thanks Cory. I'm going to see how this all works out. I appreciate your Reply and Assistance. BTW... Nice Web Site
  9. Both Ideas sound Great. Cory - Could I get that Routine? Thanks! JohnBoy691 - The problem with using the Registry is that I have 10,000 Items. That would surely flood my Registry beyond it's means. I've considered using an INI File, but not sure if I can have 10,000 Entries in it. It's gonna be a trial and error thing. Of course, that won't do me any good if I can't store the date/time as a Serial instead of spelled out. I sometimes wish that ME would allow calls to other apps like VBA or even a DLL (future enhancement request). Thanks for both your replies. Sincerely, MGuyM
  10. Hello all. I have a Macro that runs every day and performs a process on a piece of data. However, it can not perform this process until at least 24 hours since the previous process had occurred. Currently, I store this Data in an ASCII File and I process it each day approximately 10 minutes later then the day before. However, because there are other unknown variables that affect the performance, I'm finding that one some days, the process overruns the day before and begins processing the piece of data prior to the 24 hour window that it's allowed. I've been reading about the Date & Time Functions and can't seem to find if there is a Serial Number feature that could be used (similar to Excel). I'd like to store the Date/Time as a Serial Number and do a simple compare (Is NOW later then 24 hours after BEFORE, If Not, wait 5 Seconds and RE-Evaluate until True) I'm thinking I'm going to have to maniupulate it based on Date and Time as Values instead of a Serial (which is going to make this task extremely difficult when I go from one day to the next etc). Thanks!, MGuyM
  11. MGuyM


    In ME, I know that I can password protect my macros from being edited and/or run by others. While I don't suspect this to be totally crack proof as I have discovered that someone has removed the password from one of my macros that I shared with them and I don't think it was just dumb luck tha they guess the password cause I used 10 Totally Random Letters, Numbers, and symbols and he still figured it out. So I'm suspecting that he has some way of reading the stored Passwords and before I distribute an updated version, I would like to make sure it is secure. Any Thoughts on this? I really need a way to make my macro Secure. Thanks! MGuyM
  12. Thanks Joe! I think that's going to work perfectly. Might be something to include in a future release of your most outstanding book! Thank You Again!
  13. I personally use the Winter Wallpaper Changer for Windows XP (should work with Vista too) that you can download for free from Microsoft: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/digitalphotography/learnmore/wallpapertoy.mspx Thanks, MGuyM
  14. Well, I played with the Kiosk Mode, and while it was pretty cool, I would prefer just having a small window with the information I'm looking for to be displayed. The F11 Option takes too long for the Screen Redraws to be very useful. I'm need to make this go pretty fast if possible. Thank You to everyone for their suggestions. I need to learn VBScript and/or JavaScript to get what I want......
  15. I have a macro that I wrote do automatically click on certain locations within a program. However, after the Click, I have to wait for the Screen to Redraw and display a message for my Macro to click on the Close Button. Problem I'm running into is that usually, everything runs great. But sometimes the Redraw doesn't take place. I currently check for the Change of a Pixel using the following routine: Get Pixel: Window Coords: 430,275 into %N1% Repeat Until %N1% = 1071789 Wait Time Delay 0.5 Seconds Get Pixel: Window Coords: 430,275 into %N1% If Variable %N1% = 1071789 Repeat Exit End If Repeat End What I'd like to add to this is a secondary check for an elapsed amount of time and then exit but I'm not sure how to implement the second level and was hoping that someone could help me (most likely Cory) Basically, if my screen doesn't redraw properly, my Macro hangs in the above loop waiting for the Pixel at 430,275 to change. When this happens, I can move the mouse around the location to allow the change to be seen and my macro continues. However, If I do a for loop to move the mouse around this location, it doesn't seem to work. I'm thinking that if there is a way to get a "TIME" when the First Get Pixel is recorded into %N1% and then during my Repeat Loop, do a Check against the time to see if 1 Minute has elasped, then it could exit the Repeat Loop. But how do I evalute this???? I'll be waiting patiently for a response.... Thank You Very Much in Advance. BTW.... Feel free to post the appropriate code Sincerely! MGuyM
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