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  1. I used [%N%] instead of (%N1%) maybe this is it. I'll test it. Some good tips there! Actually there is no manipulation between copy and paste. I send out a bunch of sheets to different people and the problem is when copying from these sheets to a summative excel book and there is filtered rows it doesn't paste them in the right place, even though the files are filtered at the same way. That's when I come to think of trying this variable thing. I'll keep that in mind. Thanks for you're help Cory.
  2. I don't mean that ISS are not helpful, my point is that solving things "in public" like in this forum helps more people than one personal posted case to support. If you had been on this forum a couple years ago, you would have know what I mean. When ever I have any problem with my macros I intend to keep checking with this forum first and of course I will post it to support when it's necessary. It's not necessary for you to post comments on my subjects, ok? Bye
  3. Thx Cory, it feels good to be here again. It's a Pity. I think the hole idea with this forum is to discuss different matters and to first check with others if there is something that didn't get right in the script, before posting loads of issues and drowning Insight with things that really isn't support issues. I really hope that Insight would change their mind and turn their heads back and focusing on helping users (like myself) directly with their problems. When struggling sometimes under timepreassure, it has been a comfort to have ISS in this eminent forum. And what better way to sell th
  4. Hi I'm trying to save clipboard text to a variable but keep getting I/O error 105 no matter what kind of variable name I'm trying to use. Does anyone know what I/O error 105 stands for? I didn't think I was going to struggle with simple things like this when converting from ME3 to ME PRO. Where can I read about error codes? Can't seem to find anything in the Help section about it. Regards. PS. I must ask, I haven't had time to go to this forum the past two years, (I've been helping another company and introducing ME3 to them) but as I recall it was a totally different activity from
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