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  1. And here is the real bad news: This will not work anymore with the new IE 7.0 - Heaven knows how you can move around a window. I fear we'll have to use {Tab} a hundred times or stick with the old IE 6.0.
  2. I fully agree with thefluxster ! It would be marvellous if my ME macros could be compiled instead of using AutiIt as some ME functions cannot be easily translated to Autoit: Dial with yellow Smarticon+Script in LO addressbook
  3. Joe, changed to zip as requested, but the download doesn't seem to work correctly, so I added a link to the zip-files of my website. XP evidently doesn't like ME work within the Windows file explorer. Unfortunately I didn't find, where I can switchoff this stupid reaction of Windows. But I found out, that it is possible to store an individual path into variable T1 at the beginning of my makro and simply use this variable for launching <LAUNCHDEL2:0:01%T1%> http://www.Mediocom1.de/zip/CtrlAlt+Space-...ut-Aufnahme.zip CtrlAlt_Space_RadioPlaylists_MP3Directcut_Aufnahme.zip
  4. No matter in which window you are when you like to start a call, <LAUNCHYES3:0:0112Contacts<LAUNCH:C:\Programme\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\OUTLOOK.EXE<PARAM>/c ipm.contacts><WAITWIN2:000010:000000:contacts> should open your contacts to choose whom you want to call. Having finished your call, it isn't difficult to make your macro enter an appointment starting at the time when you started your call and showing duration, name and telno.
  5. I use a Macro that allows to record MP3 streams from a station called Swissjazz: MP3-Recording Several programs are started and windows are opened. Among these is a MS Windows file explorer showing al songs already recorded. As the default setting of my file explorer has the directories on the left and the window with the content only on the right, my Macroexpress macro opens "views" and unmarks "directories" for the File Explorer named "D:\Irate". Unfortunately very often I am getting such a message for closing my file explorer because of security reasons (inspite of the fact that E
  6. If Wait for RM (right mouseclick) doesn't work, then it's time for a new installation of ME under Windows XP. (This applies for all "wait for key" commands.) Anybody knows why ? Is this a bug that could be avoided ?
  7. I generally start every macro by saving the actual clipboard contents to T99 with <TVAR2:99:03:> and at the end of every maco, I restore T99 to my clipboard with <TMVAR2:16:99:00:000:000:> This allows me to paste the clipboard content somewhere at the end of a macro. ---------------- In Preferences -Playback I have selected "Pause" as Abort Macro Hotkey. Unfortunately such system keys cannot be modified. Otherwise I would like to add <TMVAR2:16:99:00:000:000:> to this Abort Macro Hotkey command. Any solution ? Or is this a feature for future MacroE
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