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  1. What do you mean but set "N1 = 1" -- I have no idea who to set this... I figured out how to do Repeat Until %N1% = 0 but putting End Repeat at the end of the macro just stops it... Is there any way to make a macro contriniously go???
  2. The Repeat End function makes the macro stop repeating, completely defeats the entire purpose of putting it in the first place, I simply want the macro to keep going and going for days untill I stop it.. What do I put?
  3. I'm sorry I'm asking super shallow questions but what is N1? Is it a command I put in the macros script or something? Please, talk to me like a total noob! Also, when the macro is repeaditly moving my mouse it is difficult to right click on the icon, is there something I can do to manually stop it on the keyboard?
  4. Specifically I want the macro to simply repeat a small mouse movement and a keystroke -- I don't care what the movement is nor what the keystroke is, as long as it will do it untill I stop it.
  5. Hmm -- There is no easier way to do it? I'm not to sure I want to change my computer time to military time... There must be an option to make the macro repeat!
  6. Hi I just made a macro -- however I need this macro to run over night, I used the quick wizard and set up a mouse movement and keystroke recording macro but I have no idea how to make it repeat all night, I also need to know how to stop the macro in the morning -- can anyone help please?
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