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  1. terrypin's post in Why this odd result? was marked as the answer   
    Thanks Bob, you're right. The macro later steps leftward from the end of tAlternative looking for the first '\' . I temporarily added a Text Display to show this character. I also used your suggestion, but simply with Add Text.
    It seems there are 2 invisible characters at the end of every Excel cell, probably CR LF, because the display continues on a new line. And in a text editor a Backspace just jumps up to the right of the visible string.
    I'll use Right Trim.
    Terry, East Grinstead, UK
  2. terrypin's post in Globally changing shortcut links? was marked as the answer   
    Thanks both. I'll get back into this tomorrow. The only reason I'm moving the 504 GB C:\Docs is because I'm down to 8% free space on the 750 GB C: drive. But if the shortcut issue proves as time-consuming as it is beginning to look, then I may re-consider and seek other options. For example, maybe I could compromise and just move the 160 GB C:\Docs\My Videos and drastically limit the number of affected shortcuts.
    A macro that steps through a folder identifying LNK files, opens its Properties and then changes the target doesn't sound too difficult. Probably gets harder if a large number of sub-folders involved.
    BTW, I soon expect to be ordering a new PC (which I'll run in parallel for a while). Given that I'm not into hi-tech media hardware, (I spend most of my time making videos), would you recommend Windows 7 or 8?
    Edit Friday 20 September 2013, 09:02 UK time
    Pleased to report that the first script you suggested is looking good! Tested on a folder containing a small subset of my 10,000 and it worked OK. Next step will be to add a few subfolder levels.
    Thanks for the lead.
    Terry, East Grinstead, UK
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