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  1. Take a look here for copying file paths directly to clipboard. I use it every day. http://home.worldonline.dk/ninotech/freeutil.htm Ninotech Path Copy 4.0 Ninotech Path Copy is a shell extension for Windows 95, 98, NT4, 2000, and XP that enables to copy the path of a file or directory to the Clipboard. You can then paste the path in to your document, e-mail, etc. You copy the path of a file or directory by right-clicking it in the Windows Explorer and choosing Copy Path from the context menu. The context menu then offers nine standard ways of copying the path, in addition to the user
  2. Yeah OK. I'm familiar with the PATH variable. I just never made the connection. Thanks for the explanation.
  3. Anybody know what the "Use Search Path" option found in the If Commands menu option when you select any of the If File commands. I am using v3.5e and the Help topic does not mention what this does.
  4. crimso, I use putty daily for kicking of backups and have accomplished what I believe you are looking for with the following code: // Wait for backup setting prompt Repeat Until %D1% = 1 Activate Window: "DAYMISYS1.qdx.com - PuTTY" Mouse Move Window 12, 11 <------- Moves mouse to upper left corner to activate menu options Mouse Right Button Click Delay 0.1 Seconds Text Type: o <------- Activates Copy All to Clipboard command Delay 0.2 Seconds If Clipboard Contains "or selec
  5. I know I am not the only one ready for ME4.
  6. koden, I was looking at my post and it hit me that your problem with the slow application would probably still cause the same problem with my approach. I'm sure there's somebody here that will have an idea.
  7. There is a "Wait Text Playback" <WAITPB> in Text commands section. According to the help section it probably wont work after a paste command. You could code some ME commands to paste everything from the clipboard contents except for the last character. Then use the Text Type command to enter the last character, followed by the "Wait Text Playback" command.
  8. Why would you need a macro to do that? That's default window shortcut key for copying something to the clipboard. Maybe I missed something.
  9. Once you set the value of an ME variable, ME will remember the value until the macro exits.
  10. Kevin, are you able to give us an idea of when we might expect the next version of ME? You have dropped some hints lately about new features that are in the works. Some of these features that you mention sound exciting and much needed. A portable version would be awesome. I don't know about everbody else but I'm ready for some of these changes!
  11. Finally, someone has said it. ME's help documentation is very good and I think often times overlooked. I love the posts in which it is painfully obvious that little or no effort was exerted before turning the ME forum and hoping for a quick answer. Or better yet, submit a post and maybe someone will create the macro for you. I'm not accusing koden of this and paul may have been a little blunt. This a friendly, helpful group and hope it remains that way but it's certainly long overdue that someone put this out there.
  12. End-User License Agreement (EULA) for Macro Express You may transfer the license to another system at any time, provided you do not exceed the total number of licenses purchased. You may not use a single license to enable usage on more than one system. A valid license must be purchased for each computer on which the Software is installed.
  13. Try this bit of code to launch the program and avoid the need for the hotkey <LAUNCHDEL2:0:01C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\javaw.exe<PARAM>-cp jts.jar;jcommon-0.9.0.jar;jfreechart-0.9.15.jar;jhall.jar;other.jar -Dsun.java2d.noddraw=true -Xmx160M jclient/LoginFrame C:\Jts>
  14. Does this occur in PIC 1, 2, or 3.
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