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  1. Hi, For some reason, ya gotta right click, and saveAs with mxe extension; this forum has probs, not ya PC! Randall
  2. Hi, this might help ; let me know; uses vbs to calculate number of days back from today Best Randall DateDiff.mxe
  3. Hi, Using WinZip cline; will that still be locked? - or will it pass the parameters? <LAUNCHNO3:1:0002wzzip<LAUNCH:wzzip.exe<PARAM>c:\backup\T10.zip %T10%> Randall?
  4. Hi, Looks great. Works for me doing; <DOFILE:01:NN:C:\Programs\SearchEngine>><LAUNCHDEL2:0:00C:\Programs\SearchEngine\test3.hta> Perhaps you have made the new text file in nthe default directory and couldn't find it? Change directory first? Best, randall
  5. Hi, I once tried to get this running better; see other link; Make your own Forms for inputbut still too hard; If you are willing to post your macro and javascript, every chance i can get it running! Or pm me and attach them. Best, randall
  6. Kevin, Thanks, I'll have a look.. randall PS - I don't know why it was there! - deleting it worked; thanks heaps.
  7. Hi, I've had no answers; is this just me, or has everybody else got no function since ie7? Randall
  8. hi, Since ie7 I get an error; Macro Express: macexp.exe - Entry point not found The procedure entry point getprocessImagefileNameW could not be located in the dynamic link library PSAPI.dll <HTTP2:1:T:http://www.mymail.com.au> Any ideas? Randall [ME - last ? yes]
  9. Hi, Best to show your script; You can do this with "int>7" AND"int<12" Best, Randall
  10. Hi, [*** This only works, of course, if Wilcards work with your planned "wait file exists" anyway?... do they?] 1. Is this the sort of thing you are asking? It allows you to set a time to wait in the "Text Box Display: timer" 2. can someone remind me of a more elegant way to time out please; I know I've seen it somewhere. Best, Randall
  11. Hi, What about you [loop] move 2 pixels to the right, and test for mouse cursor being an arrow (safe to click)? Randall
  12. Hi, More "MacroExpress" friendly, you can just import the DateDiff.mxe, gives date difference as %N1% (using vbscript) if your local dates are "MM/DD/YYYY" instead of "DD/MM/YYYY" you will need to adjust lines 3 and 4 Then you can simply "If variable" compare on %N1% Best, Randall DateDiff.mxe
  13. H, Alt-Left , then alt-right?..... if you don't mind leaving the page for a bit! [or, better, "F5" for refresh!] Randall
  14. hi! Repeat until T1<>T1 Repeat End Best, Randall
  15. Good point; I was only thinking of an opportunity for someone to check my macro, I guess! Can you link even if you don't know the names of the workbook files?; maybe he does... Randall
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