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  1. Well, both my primary machine and my backup are running the new macros. Aside from making some additional minor adjustments due to the coding changes, they seem to be working beautifully! WOOOHOOO! Thanks All!
  2. Thanks for your suggestions! I am currently trying the method of opening one at a time and stripping the timestamp on a Repeat Folder to find the oldest one. So far so good. I currently have it running on the backup machine. I will change it on the primary machine next. Keeping my fingers crossed. THANKS ALL! Cory: Thank you especially!!!!!! Lemon.
  3. Cory, I'm ALMOST there! Soooo close I can taste it! Opening them up one at a time seems to work well and I've been actually able to increase the speed of the Macro Playback which compensates for the slight increase in time it takes to open files one at a time. One annoying issue I can't seem to figure out. When it runs the Repeat on Folder to grab the first file name to process, it looks like it grabs them in alphabetical order no matter how the files are arranged in the folder. I need it to open in order of Date Modified so it will process the oldest file first. I have the folder set to rearrange the files by Date Modified but the macros still seem to go by the default of Alphabetical order. This could be a potential problem because it is possible for a file to take a long time to process depending on the file names. Any ideas? Thanks, Lemon
  4. I will give it a shot. I will post again to let you know what I come up with. Again, thanks a lot for your assistance. Much appreciated. Lemon
  5. It's weird because I tried it on a different machine and it opens all the word docs at once. It has to be some kind of Windows setting or something in Office. Haven't been able to figure it out yet. Otherwise, this has the potential to work nicely. Getting the last file name off of %Tn% seemed like it would work well too but for some reason or another, even though I tell it to wait until the last file name title appears, it keeps moving on after about 35 files. Go figure????? To answer your question, basically, the main Macro does this: Checks a folder every few seconds to see if Word Docs have been added. If so, it takes the Word Docs and moves it to another folder for processing. Open all Word Docs (seems to be more efficient as far as time is concerned) Take a Word Doc, correct a Margin Discrepency, save as a PDF to a shared directory, save as a TIFF to another shared directory, resave Word Doc with corrected margin and place in another shared directory. Thus it creates a PDF, TIFF and an updated DOC for each file and saves them to a shared directory that users can access. Move on to the next Word doc for processing until all have been completed. Check the main folder again for more docs. If not, wait five seconds and check again. Macro set to start everyday at 6:00 and shut down at 20:00 There are other things it does on the side but basically the above is its main task. The tricky part is it needs to run everyday and mostly unattended so I had to work in many scenarios where it bombs out so that it can get itself out of it and restart. Has been a challenge but when it works it's pretty sweet. Files can get dumped in the folder as little as a few per minute upwards to 50 per minute so on peak times it is a pretty busy macro. Thanks for all your help on this Cory. Much appreciated!
  6. OK...here is a real dumb question. Trying out the batch and I got it to enter the path name of all files needed to be opened. Everything looks good but when I run the batch, it only opens on word doc and won't open the next one until the previous one is closed. It has to be a Window setting somewhere. It won't run through the entire batch file and open all the files at once. ???????????????????
  7. Cory, Thanks for the info on the Batch File method. I will give it a try and let you know.
  8. OK, waiting for %Tn% title to appear seems to work ok but for some reason, if there are quite a few documents to open, say 75, it starts moving on at about 35 files open without waiting for the last file to open. I've even got it set to wait indefinitely. Is it somehow failing in the Repeat with Folder because there are too many?
  9. Cory, Never mind about the ext question. It must be a setting in Office that I have to adjust to show the full path of the file in the title. Should be simple. I tell ya, sometimes the things that we make into a mountain, really turns out to be a little mole hill! I think waiting for the last file title window to open usin %Tn% will work perfectly. Thanks again Cory!
  10. Cory, Thanks for your input. The last couple of suggestions seem promising. Couple of questions though: One: When you say "write the name of the file to a path of a batch file, run the batch file and then delete", can you elaborate? Two: Waiting for the last Word Doc title to appear using T2, or whatever, looks promising too but doesn't it also take the file ext. DOC? The title does not include the ext so how do you eliminate the ext? Thanks again Cory
  11. Cory, I saw the your post in regard to the "Repeat Untill %T1%<>%T1%. Interesting...approach it from opening a file one at a time. Might work for me but might be too slow when there are numerous files to open. The Macro you mentioned about your PDF macro for Faxes sound promising. When it finds the folder has files in it, does it open them all at once? And if so, who do you compensate for the amount of time it takes to open all the files?
  12. I am trying to figure out a stable way of opening multiple Word docs all at once. The macros I created checks a particular folder every 5 seconds to see if there are any Word docs in it. There could be one, five, ten...over one hundred! The problem is that the more files it has to open, the longer it takes to open all of them. I currently have it set to count the number of Word Docs in the folder using repeat functin and then using that count in a formula I played around with to adjust the delay time so that it can complete opening the files. However, it is not perfect and sometimes does not compensate enough and it will "move on" before all the Word Docs are opened. I'm hoping that there is an easier way to have the macro wait until ALL the Word Docs are opened. Thanks!
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