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  1. btw i get a fatal error when trying to run this macro
  2. what am i still doing wrong? it's not working. <ACTIVATE2:Player><GETCONTROLP:01:FIREFOX.EXE:007:MozillaUIWindowClassPlayerMozillaWindowClassMozillaWindowClassMozillaW ndowClassMozillaContentWindowClassMozillaWindowClassMozillaWindowClass><VARGETCONT:1:1><ACTIVATE2:Hermes | Transaction Entry><GETCONTROLP:02:FIREFOX.EXE:007:MozillaUIWindowClassHermes | Transaction EntryMozillaWindowClassMozillaWindowClassMozillaWindowClassMozillaContent indowClassMozillaWindowClassMozillaWindowClass><TEXTTYPE:%T1%>
  3. thanks for the reply, but i'm still not getting it by going to the Help menu. Can you be a bit more specific with the exact command I would use to do this?
  4. I have a question I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I'm trying to make a macro that copies text from a text box and pastes it into another text box in a different window. I'm using the mouse move command to get the location of the input boxes, but ideally I'd want it to locate the input box without using the mouse move command. Here is my code: Activate Window "A" Moust Move Window 235, 327 Mouse Left Button Click Text Type: <CONTROL>a Clipboard Copy Variable Set String %T1% from Clipboard Activate Window "B" Mouse Move Window 243, 438 Mouse Left Button Click Text Type: %T1% As you can see, not the best way to do things. Any ideas?
  5. I am creating macros for my company, where all the computers come loaded with IE, Mozilla, and Avant browsers. My question is, is there a macro command I can use that allows the user to select their default browser and then it changes all the commands (alot of functions are run within web windows) in each of the macros to be set to that particular browser? Otherwise, I'll have to create a new set of macros for each browser.
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