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  1. Hello, stupid question. Have a large text file that is an XML styled file with repeating nested tag style. I would like save portions of the text file out to seperate text files. The sections I want to save begin and end with a tag. eg. <dataset fielda="xxxxxxxxxxxx" fieldb="xxxxxx" fieldc="xxxxxx" <value>example1</value> </dataset> I am attempting to use the Text file process feature of Macro Express. Silly question: How do I copy what is between the <dataset and </dataset> tags?, and save out as a textfile example1.txt I thought I could use the copy part of text file feature, and target the <dataset tag, and then specify the amount of lines, but thats when I got stuck, as it only has option to specify a fixed number of characters, which differ radically between each dataset. Please excuse my ignorance people, but is the above possible with Macro Express?. Thankyou kindly for your time. ..Dean..
  2. Giday. Can current version of Macro Express create a macro that will run on a clients system who doesn't have ME installed? eg. Something similar to 'AutoHotKey', which has ability to turn a macro into an .exe, so can be run on another computer? ..Dean..
  3. Basically I am trying to use ME instead of the built in schtasks function in Windows itself. (ie. it's the console version to the snap in 'Task Scheduler') What it allows you to do is define sheduling via batch script, so you can define a task, remove a task, edit a task etc, but do all of these things from the command line/script, without need of actually launching the windows task scheduler. I was wondering if I could form similar functionality using ME, by doing as you suggest and forming the text structure as macro editor does. However, it seems from your post, that the scheduling is handled by the ME engine itself, so this may not be possible. I guess the next best thing is to just use ME to create the batch scripts that I can then feed to the scheduler console version. Thank you very much for your input, it's really appreciated!. ie. One idea sparks another... and so on and so on. ..Dean..
  4. I have an application where I want to use Macro Express to launch some progs on schedule, but the macros need to be created automatically upon request. ..Dean..
  5. Hello...... I was wondering it it was possible to create/define a new macro purely using some kind of batch script?. ie. Create a brand new macro from 'outside' of macro express, which then appears as an enabled saved macro command as per normal. ..Dean..
  6. I have been attempting to control application buttons using mouse macros. (what a nightmare) (see previous post) I have discovered that the particular application supports windows messages, and these were listed in the products SDK. Seemingly, Macro Express has the ability to 'post' these messages to other Windows applications, but the help file states no help with this is available? Anyone here know how to use the post message command in Macro Express?. Here is a sample message that activates the 'rec' button of the app I wish to control with Macro Express. Handle Parent WinName Window Class Executable WParam LParam ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 459522 459526 DDR VideoEditor_DDR DDR.exe 1 262146 Type Left Click I have a similar list of commands for all other buttons in the application. How does the above translate into the form that Macro Express uses? Any help appreciated.. ..Dean..
  7. I know it's possible to create macro's using mouse events. BUT, is it possible to prevent mouse access locally 'while' the macro is running? ie. I want to move mouse to certain location then left mouse click. I can't capture control button I want in the particular program, as they don't show up as independent etc, so have to use co-ordinates. The mouse macro works fine, BUT if the mouse is used at all during macro run time, it affects the outcome of the macro. So, was wondering if Macro Express can control the mouse functions, but lockout the real mouse until that particular macro has finished? ..Dean..
  8. Thankyou very much for the reply!. I'll certainly give that suggestion a go! ..cheers.. ..Dean..
  9. I know Macro Express has the 'create folder' command. Tell me, is it possible to be prompted for a folder name? eg. A macro that runs and prompts me for a Folder name, I enter 'TestFolder' and it goes an creates a folder with that name. ..Dean..
  10. Hello, I have a PVR application that creates a fixed name of 'capture.mpg' Everytime I want to perform a new capture, I first have to manually rename the captured file. I would like to have a macro that does this automatically. eg. If I have a macro that activates the stop button of my record application, it checks to see if a file called 'capture.mpg' exists, and if so renames it to something more meaningful like the current time/date.mpg I found the text command 'Date/Time' which saves the current time into a variable. (eg T1) What I want to know is can I use this variable in combination with a rename function? ..Dean..
  11. Thanks Kevin..... I didn't think of that. Will give it a go.. ..Dean..
  12. Hello.... just wondering if the following is possible... Can I have a macro run when a file reaches a particular size? If so.... how? Thanks in advance.. ..Dean..
  13. Wow.... your losing me. What I have done is found a command that types the current system time into a variable T1 I then do the same command, but choose a 'Future' time for the hour component of the time, and save that as a variable T2 I then used a variable modify command to save the T2 variable into a text file called c:\end record time.txt The above results in a text file on c drive with the above name, and contains one line, which the end record time. (the origin time plus the 6 hours I want) So.. I assume this accomplishes one part of your suggestion?. Now, I believe I have to process the text file, and somehow use it as a trigger file to activate the PVR software's stop button when that future time in the text file is reached. ie.. To summarise. I create a variable T1 which is current system time. eg. 12:00 pm I create a second variable T2 that adds 6 hours to variable T1, and saves the result in a text file, which would end up being 6:00 pm I do the above in about 3 lines of script. So, I now need to figure out what next? I thought perhaps there is some way to compare current system time against the desired end record time in the text file, and then have a macro that simply stops the PVR software. ie. <alt>s (grin)... wow... your script looks way cooler than my crappy attempt. ..Dean..
  14. Thanks for the reply!. Never actually thought of doing it that way. Am still a bit lost tho.... ie. I can create a text file, and put in a variable for the current time into the text file, BUT how does one then automatically add 6 hours to that time, which will be where I want the recording to stop?. ..Dean..
  15. Giday.. I have some pesky PVR software that locks up if I record with TimeShift mode longer than 6 hours. (it's a bug with the software) Timeshift lets you start playing back video from the PVR software while still recording the end of the show. Anyway.. my PVR software uses 'Alt+r' to start timeshift recording and 'Alt+s' to stop timeshift recording. I want a macro that when timeshift recording starts, that it won't allow for a recording longer than 6 hours.. BUT I want to be able to abort out of that macro if nesessary. Is their a way to have a timed macro, but abort out of when another macro is run, and while this is all going on.. have any other macro's also still work. I understand this would involve use of Logic comands? Unfortunately the format 'logic' and my brain are not good companions. (grin) I wonder if someone could advise total newbie how best to achieve the above?. I found the 'Timed' commands, and both timed delay and timed lapse work, but I don't know how to break out of the macro in progress, and all my other macros stop working while the time delay/lapse is running. I realise this is by design, but wonder what the correct way of doing this is? eg. For what I wish to do with the PVR timeshift record limit.. the following script works, but obviously hangs MacroExpress until the timed period is over. Text Type: <alt>r Wait Time Lapse: 360 Minutes 0 Seconds Text Type: <alt>s Is it possible to add the ability to the above script to end the macro if another macro is run containing 'Text Type: <alt>s' ? ..Deano..
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