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  1. It looks like my Browser Notifications were disabled. Thanks
  2. I tried to post on New Members but didn't see to option on the Create New list, so I'll most it here. I am not getting notifications even though I set it up with my email address.
  3. I didn't address the question because I felt the simplest option was to paste, arguably not the best choice but the one I went with. And yes, I would have had to do some reading, but I didn't want to get into the weeks, I just wanted to get the macro working. Again, in hindsight importing might have been the better option. Next time I take that route. Thanks again for your help, it saved the day.
  4. I"m sorry about the quote issue. I did comment regarding my confusion on the matter and that while I have not figured out the + (multiple quotes) option I had figured out how to work around that confusion by using the Quotes icon above to make multiple quotes. The simple "Quote" option is a no brainer but I refer to parse messages that contain multiple points because it makes it easier for those who are reading it and avoids confusion. As I indicated, I usually use HTML code to create multiple quotes but that does not appear to be an option. I will look for the forum tutorial and see if I can learn how that option works. Regarding the attached image. That image was a screenshot showing the data page that displayed when I ran the macro. I'm not sure how else I could have explained what I was getting when I ran the macro, except with a screenshot. What would you have suggested I do instead? Frankly I think if you had examined that shot, carefully, you would have recognized it because it is what you get when you want to see "details" about a webpage. It is not something I understand but it is something I have stumbled onto many times and simply click the "X" to make it go away. I just didn't know what was triggering it. But it's a moot point as, after I rebooted my machine it started working again; go figure. I had decided that if rebooting didn't work I would repaste the code and start over. I sincerely apologize for trying your patients. I made every effort to express myself clearly and concisely; which is why I like to use Multiple Quotes and why I post images; such as the screen shot I included in my post. I don't wish to test the patients of those who are trying to help me here, which is why I try very hard to be clear. Because if my questions are unclear, or poorly stated people will avoid my posts and I don't want that to happen. It is also why I always tick off the icons that show appreciation for the help I get and why I respond to that help with a thank-you. I don't want to appear unappreciative or wear out my welcome.
  5. ps well, it worked for awhile, now I get a lot of data and not clip option. What happened?
  6. Ok, got it. I nee now the code above isn't code its just a text outline? btw I plugged it in and it works
  7. What is "command text" exactly. And can I keep the //comments in the code
  8. Yes, that's exactly what I what. Thanks so much, I will see if I can paste it in, otherwise I will add in manually. I'm still trying to figure out how the Single and multiple Quote options work, at the bottom of the screen. I usually just wrap my quotes in HTML code but that doesn't appear to be an option here. [ok, typing that HTML quote code did created a quote field] But I did just notice the quote icon above so until I sort out the option below I will use that option, with Cut&Paste. Thanks again for the code.
  9. Can you tell me what the email address of this forums notices is? I need to add it to my Do not send to spam filter.
  10. I've checked those settings and my email address and it seem in order, still not getting notices. It may be that I marked it as spam, by mistake. I'll look and see how I remove Spam and allow it. Thanks.
  11. Could you expound a bit on the response. I don't understand it but maybe I should stick with the older version after all?
  12. Thanks, I never got a notification about these responses, which is why I'm so late responding. I have both versions but have never used them until recently. I chose the older verstion simply because I didn't think I needed the bells and whistles associated with the newer version, but now I wonder. I will open the newer version and play with it, now that I understand how the other version works I may find I like the new version better. I tried you path but it didn't work, but I am a real novice so I've probably not set it up right. I just put the path in, thinking it should launch the program .
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