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  1. I'm considering version 5. From what I see I'd need to pay the full $49 for version 5 and not a discounted upgrade from version 3. Is that correct? Not complaining just trying to understand. With version 5, I can still run all of my version 3 macros, Right?
  2. I like your solution. Below is the commands for variables for ME 3.10. I didn't see array variable listed. I assume I can use one of the commands below to get this done. Can you give me some guidance? I've used ME for many years, but I'm still pretty basic in the macros I've created.
  3. I have a macro set up that enables me to share a Facebook video to about 20 different Facebook groups by hitting a hot key. each Facebook group has it's own macro and my hot key starts a group of macros running them 1 at a time until all 20 are done. Facebook keeps changing the share window and then I have to redo all 20 macros. Every macro is exactly the same except for where the macro puts the name of the Facebook group in the box. So I'm wondering if Macro Express can instead run 1 macro 20 times, but each some put a different name in the box corresponding to each Facebook group? In other words only 1 command in the Scripting Editor would be the one that changes with each successive run of the macro until all 20 names are used. This way if I have to change the macro in the future I only have to change 1 macro not 20 macros Can this be done?
  4. I didn't have permission to put the txt file in C:\ so I put it in system 32 folder like the original tutorial suggested, but I got this error DiskPart was unable to open or read the script file. Make sure the file you specified exists. So I guess it's maybe another administrator problem, so then I put the txt file in E:\ and redid my BAT file like this PAUSE diskpart /s E:\\dpscript.txt PAUSE AND IT WORKED!!!!!! Thank you we finally did it .
  5. we're getting somewhere now. I put this in Program path box: E:\Desktop\cmd.exe - Shortcut.lnk I have run as adminstrator checked like the link suggested. I modified my BAT file to this PAUSE diskpart select volume 5 assign letter=S list volume select volume 1 assign letter=T PAUSE The DOS window opened and said hit any key to continue and it did indeed type diskpart and go to that directory, but that's where it stops. I tired putting some extra pauses there like after diskpart - nothing seems to help Thanks we're getting close
  6. I terminated ME. Then at start button typed macro. I saw Macro Express at the top of the window. I right clicked on it and chose run as administrator. Put the pause at the end of my BAT file script you see below. Changed the program launch parameters,to /c "e:\My Documents\DISKPART ASSIGN S+T TO VOL 5+1.BAT" I ran the macro. The DOS window closed right away and the drive letters didn't change. I decided to try and simplify this some, so here’s the new name and folder of my BAT file C:\1\DISKPAR2.BAT Here’s the script of the BAT file diskpart select volume 5 assign letter=S list volume select volume 1 assign letter=T PAUSE program parameters: /c C:\1\DISKPAR2.BAT Program path: C:\Windows\System32\diskpart.exe I ran the new Macro – same results, window closes right away and no changes to drive letters. I’m beginning to wonder if anyone has ever used ME with a CMD (admin) and got any text inputted. Can anyone verify that they’ve done this? If so can you upload the macro for us to see?
  7. If I use Run (Win-R) I can type C:\Windows\System32\diskpart.exe hit enter ad nit does open a CMD (ADMIN) window with dispart, so that's good. But if I put C:\Windows\System32\diskpart.exe in the Program/Path/name window of the Activate/Launch window and run the macro it immediately opens and closes the DOS window. Same problem, I'm getting no text inputted into the CMD window Are the program parameters I'm using correct in my example, two posts above this? I had to modify them to adapt to my situation. Are you able to get any text from macro express show up in the CMD window? If so maybe you can upload the macro to MS Onedrive, so I can see what's different thanks,
  8. I still can't get any text to show up in the admin command prompt window. I suppose I'm doing something wrong. Here's what I'm doing. I looked closely at the picture you put in your post. This is a very simple macro with only 1 macro script showing up in the scripting editor: Activate/Launch Program Program launch only - is checked program parameters: /e e:\My Documents\DISKPART ASSIGN S+T TO VOL 5+1.BAT I also tried /c e:\My Documents\DISKPART ASSIGN S+T TO VOL 5+1.BAT Since I wasn’t sure if /c was a command or it c referred to drive C I created a BAT file named DISKPART ASSIGN S+T TO VOL 5+1.BAT I used notepad and here's the text in the BAT file diskpart select volume 5 assign letter=S list volume select volume 1 assign letter=T I’m not experienced with BAT file syntax. I assume that the ENTER key will be hit after the word diskpart. because it needs to wen typing manually. But at this point no text at all appears in the CMD window. I also tried the regular CMD instead of the CMD (admin) and same thing – no text Let me know if you see any mistakes in what I’ve done
  9. Using Win 10 I have launch and activate cmd.exe - Shortcut.lnk 1 sec delay Text Type: DISKPART (ENTER) Text Type: my script the CMD window opens, but no text is inputted Maybe it has something to do with making that the active window. I'm not sure how to do that
  10. I've figured out how to get a How to get a Command prompt (admin) window open, but can't figure out how to get it to add text in the Command prompt window? I need it to type diskpart (ENTER) then select volume 5 assign letter=S list volume select volume 1 assign letter=T Once it's open, I can type on my keyboard and text shows up. Any suggestions?
  11. That will work for one time, but what I'm referring to is to keep renaming them over and over, maybe with a unique date and time appended to the end of the file name. So that when I look in the folder I see copies of those files. In the fie manipulation window I’m choosing “copy files” C:\Users\gmp\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\09enkubr.default-1459401572414\sessionstore-backups\*.* I have this scheduled to do this every time I reboot. So in the destination folder I’m seeing 4 files copied, but if Firefox is corrupted and I reboot then it copies over the good files and replaces those with the corrupted ones. So I wish I could get it to keep the old files, renaming them each time. Can Macro Express do this?
  12. I’m using Macro Express 3.10. I created a Macro using “File Manipulation”. At startup macro express copies 4 files in a folder to my destination folder. It works fine, but I’d prefer if it didn’t replace the file with the new one, but instead saved the new file and renamed the old file. Sometimes I need the old files also. Is there a way to do this?
  13. I've successfully created a macro that opens a wordpad document when a .wav file is created in a specific directory, but it ties up macro express, until a wav file is created. wait for file exist *.wav program launch - alert.rtf This macro runs at startup, but no other macros can run, because it's waiting for a wav file. The wav file creation in this directory may only happen once a month or it could be every few days, but I want to get an alert. I auppose one solution would be to schedule it for every hour and for it to wait no more than 1 sec. Any other solutions?
  14. I have an audio program and I'm opening a window within the program and am trying to "get sontrol" and have the mouse single left click on the C1 control. I get an error message saying it can't find C1 control and will abort the macro. The spot has the word "scale". There are only 2 commands in this macro 1 get control 2 mouse single left clcik on C1 Any suggestions? Gerry Peters
  15. Thank you both. I've got the macro put together. I had to make sure that the double digit numbers were processed first, if not I'd end up with onetwo instead of twelve. I learned a lot about working with variables, thanks to you 2. Powereful little program!
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