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  1. When I use the command to append a text variable to a text file, the result appears in Chinese glyphs, not the Roman (English) characters in the variable. This happens no matter which text editor I use to view the output. I don't use Chinese as an optional language on my system, and I can't think of any configuration of mine that would cause this result. I'm not Chinese, my system is not configured for Chinese, and I don't understand why this conversion takes place. I'd appreciate help from anyone familiar with this problem. Thanks! // Steve In Toronto //
  2. I am having trouble writing macros to work in Windows Explorer (Windows 7 Pro) because, at least on my system, Windows Explorer doesn't show up in the list of running programs in MacroExpress 3. Therefore, I can't restrict a macro's scope to Explorer, and I can't activate an Explorer window, close it, and so on. Is this a problem with Windows 7, or could it be some configuration of mine that's causing it? Thanks for any help!
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