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  1. Much obliged. I suppose I thought the %version% variable didn't exist until line two, so I couldn't reference it in line one. Thanks for the pointer. It works smoothly now.
  2. Hi there, folks, I'm making a little macro to launch various versions of an application I have. I'd like to set the default choice of the multiple choice menu to B. I've read the help file and the FAQ and the forum post, and they all say the same thing: Variable set string %T[1]% to B and you're golden. The problem is, I've done that (or at least I think I have) and it's not working. Here's my macro: <VARIABLE SET STRING Option="\x00" Destination="%T[1]%" Value="B" NoEmbeddedVars="FALSE"/> <MULTIPLE CHOICE MENU Style="\x00" Result="\x00" Dest="%version%" Title="Policy Mana
  3. Hi there, folks, I have a macro that opens applications using the "Program Launch" command, and it works fine. I took one of said applications and made a shortcut for it, with the same name. I opened the Program Launch command window, rebrowsed to the location, and selected the shortcut. It changed the name to "Notepad.exe.lnk". When I run the macro, I get the following error: The following error was encountered: The program could not be launched "[File Path]\Notepad.exe.lnk" I know the file is there, and I know the shortcut and application both work. I can run the macr
  4. It's not in a web browser, so I'm not sure what it could be. Here's a picture of the error: Everything else on my machine doesn't seem to have a problem.
  5. Hi there, I'm trying to make a macro using a control variable. I lauch the utility, drag the purple X over the window, and it fills in something like this in the details: > . - [Program] When I hit okay to save the control details to the variable, it says "You must first select a control. Please correct." How do I grab a control if the program's developers didn't give it a name?
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