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  1. I find it totally mindboggloing that there deos not seem to be a single way with ME to capture/manipulate a file's timestamp (date and time). I do not see a SINGLE command anywhere to do this, and yet changing time stamps on files is a major thing with file maintenance, and there are tons of utilties to do this. I guess I am going to have to devise some complex method of using ME to launch some 3rd party program to tinker with timestamps. Does anyone know of any macro already developed to such a thing?
  2. I have a folder of files that are all numers (66.jpg, 67.jpg) but I need to increase each file by one. How can I 1) sort in numeric order, 2) highlght top file with mouse 3) get that file name, 4) read into a numeric variable 5) increase the value (56 becomes 57) 6) rename the same file (no name conflict) 7) move cursor down to next file REPEAT till end of folder?? I can code most of this except I doi not know how to do th first thing -- witrh a highlighted file, get the filename of the highlighted file. Thanks
  3. >Check out the commands Variable Set String > Set Value to Topmost Window Title and all of the Windows Programs category. Yes. this is exactly what I was looking for. I was looking under Windows for this and found nothing Thanks
  4. I have created a playable macro that is called in my trading charts. When a certain condition exists, the javaScrpt code shells out and runs the MXE file, and the trading chart window, which has just gained focus from whatever other window I was in, is minimized. The macro ends with the trading chart window minimized. The problem is that the window I was working in (my trading windows all work by themselves and need not have focus to work), has now lost focus. Can I write a macro that FIRST gets the CURRENT FOCUSED window (which may not be a trading chart), save it, and then work on th
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