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  1. I'd love to know how to create a macro dynamically - specifically the type that activates on Window Title becoming active. Please could you share how you did it?
  2. I want to rename the captions (window titles) of certain windows as soon as the title of those windows come into view. At the moment I have a macro that when I hit the hotkey activation it prompts for the new window title and changes the current focused window title to the prompted value. However, when I restart the computer it changes all those window titles back to their original value. My idea was to, when the hotkey is pressed, dynamically create a macro that is activated by the original window title and then changing the title from within that macro. Is
  3. How do I have Macro Express (using v4.4) continue to run scripts while an informative message is displayed on the screen. Basically, it's a message informing the user that a program will be shut down in 5 mins and whether they are there or not to close the message box it should start the timer and continue to run the script.
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