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  1. My macro launches a program (Bat. file) that is taking anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes to run. That program finishes by overriding an existing excel file with new data in a folder (report.xls). Then the macro places today’s date in a variable. Then the macro is SUPPOSE to copy the excel file (that has just been overridden) in the same folder with the date variable (report.date.xls). After macro runs, there should be two excel spreadsheets (report.xls and report.date.xls) with same data. The end result I am getting is the file that is overridden each day, (report.xls) is correct but (re
  2. Thank you both Cory sorry about the confusion, I was not trying to run them simultaneously, but I see how my poorly worded post would imly that. Kevin changing from equals to contains WORKED. I'm in business now!
  3. Thanks Cory. Why is there an option on the Muliple Choice Menu to select checkbox menu, where you can then make more than one choice. In the sample macro (copied below) it even implies that you can run more then one. Thanks again. EA // =========================================================================== // Sample Macro - Menu of Sample Macros // ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- // // What it does: // This macro will display a menu of the sample macros and allo
  4. I'm trying to build a multiple choice macro where the choices (A through ....) run other macros. My problem is I cannot get my macro to run more than one of the multiple choice options. I can celect multiple choices but macro only works if I have just one selected. I did change from radio button to check box) I am using the example "Menu of Sample Macros" as my template.
  5. Here is a snipit of my macro - No laughing, I know it doesn't work Clear All Variables: All If File Exists "ACH Unathorized CCDs.csv" Variable Set From File Date/Time Delay 250 Milliseconds Copy File or Files: "Unathorized CCDs.pdf" Delay 1 Seconds Copy File or Files: "Unathorized CCDs.pdf" Delay 1 Seconds Delete File or Files: "Unathorized CCDs.pdf" Else Clear All Variables: All If File Exists "Five Star Credits.pdf" Variable Set From File Date/Time Delay 250 Milliseconds Copy File or Files: "Five Star Credits.pdf" Delay 1 Seco
  6. Yes!, and say using your example, file "aaa111111.pdf" does not exist but I need the macro to continue with "QQtoday" opposed to ending.
  7. First thanks for all the great information I've recieved from these forums. My situation is this, I have multilpe filesthat need to be manipulated every day. Some need to be renamed and moved to folder "A" while another may need to be moved to Folder "B" with no name change then yet another file may need to be to be copied to folder"A" and "B". I've built one macro that looks for the first file, does what it needs to do with it, then looks for the next file and so on. My problem is there may be times that a file may not be there and this is causeing the macro to error out and quit.
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