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  1. cory/kevin: thank you all for your help! With the suggestions Cory Posted on Jun 14 2007, 10:41 AM, I was able to get something working. thanks, david
  2. hello, I tried your suggestions/help, created the steps by hand and added them to my existing macro where they were needed, now the macro gets "stuck" whenever the Warning error child window displays, if it doesn't display the macro goes through the steps after the newly-added steps just fine, if the child window does appear, it gets "stuck". I let it sit there for a couple of minutes thinking it was a timer issue?, and ME never kicked in and made the error window go away, so I clicked OK, then some of the steps that needed to happen when that error window appears didn't and the macro steps got "out of sync" and keystrokes were happening at the wrong time in the application. Please help!! I've attached my macro file, hoping that someone can look at it and see where I made an error in it. thanks in advance, david NHMA.mex
  3. Cory & Kevin, thanks for the replies and helpful information! Kevin, you're source code does look good and something that I could use. First, I have a few questions: (1) How do I place/implement the code you provided in my macro? When I look at the macro with the Scripting Editor or Direct Editor the contents of the macro are displayed in a dissimilar format to the source code you provided. You're code looks more like it's from a programming language, which I'm not seeing that type of format displayed for my macro. (2)Is your example tailored to my specific problem of detecting the child Warning window that appears in the VMAGIC.EXE application when the error happens or do I need to edit your code some to make it See that type of error? (3) How do I change the format of the steps that I want to happen in the True portion of the If Variable %T1% = "FOUND" statement to work in the provided source? Here they are from the Direct Editor: <DELAY:2><TEXTTYPE:<ENTER>><DELAY:2><TEXTTYPE:1><DELAY:2><TEXTTYPE:<ENTER>> (4)As far as the Else portion of this statement, I don't want anything to happen, just have the macro continue on with the remaining steps of the macro I created....will that work as it is right now? thanks in advance, david
  4. also, there was this info. that I gathered when I was using one of the Control tools.... Control Name: VMAGIC.EXE: [button] Class Name Button Window Text &OK
  5. hello, thank you for the quick reply. I read what you said, then read through the Controls tutorial in Help and make a small macro with the keystrokes that I need to happen when the small "child" error window appears with the OK button inside the main app window I'm sending the keystrokes to, and used the Capture Window Control tool to move the crosshairs to the OK button, and captured this info about the window: VMAGIC.EXE: [button], I saved that info, then on the Properties tab, said for this small macro to Activate when the VMAGIC.EXE: [button] Control is Focused......however this isn't working, i.e. when the event happens when the small error/OK window appears, then macro doesn't launch. So what am I doing wrong above? I was at first kinda confused that I'd need to make a separate macro just to handle the Error event....can't I place in my existing Main macro code that would execute *only* when the VMAGIC.EXE: [button] Control appears? Next question: Why isn't the Event macro running that I created? It is set as Active? Is it because the Main macro is running and won't pause for this 2nd macro to start? Or do I need to start from scratch and tackle this Error event a different way? When i was referring to ">>an Win XP Critical Stop error occurs when the Warning window appears and the associated .wav file is played", it's not the BSoD, I was just naming the type of error as described in Control Panel>Sounds...>Program Events. I was wondering if you can write an IF statement in ME that has a trigger of a Windows sound event? Also, I looked around and couldn't find that Windows Calculator tutorial on Insights support page that you mentioned? thanks in advance for your help, david
  6. hello, I'm new to Macro Express and have run into my first problem with a macro I created last week that had been doing well until today. I've run into a situation where I need to implement some IF type of structure in the macro to detect when in the window I'm sending keystrokes to either: >>a Warning windows appears inside the window (not as a separate window that the OS can see (not seen with Alt-Tab) and the Window title doesn't change any when this Warning appears or I'd just use some Detect when Warning window exists logic) that has a title of Warning, a Exclamation point graphic, text of That Entry is Not Defined, and a OK button to click which has focus when it appears, and if you send any other keystroke it's ignored, you can send only O or (enter) to make the Warning box go away >>an Win XP Critical Stop error occurs when the Warning window appears and the associated .wav file is played I've read through the ME help file and various forum postings and have had no luck as finding how to implement an IF statement that could detect either of the two above situations. I think the best route would be detection of the OK button appearing, but I'll take anything that'll work 100%!! Can someone help me with the ME If statement syntax? Thanks in advance, david
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