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  1. The settings!! after reinstalling I guess prefix went to default ##, I was using ``. Thank you!!!
  2. I just moved to windows 10 from windows 7 and now my shortkey functionality is not working. I have used this macro on a windows 10 laptop before without issue but having trouble on this new pc. Any suggestions as to settings or such? Thanks, John
  3. does this apply to all microsoft office products? I am unable to see exe for excel and access in scope-program specific tab.
  4. I am trying to launch snippingtool.exe in windows 7 using ME3 activate/launch program command. when I try to browse to and select the executable file "snippingtool.exe" in the C:\Windows\System32\ directory it doesn't appear...see attached file. Its there when i navigate to it using windows explorer...what's going on ? Thanks, John
  5. Stan Jones from Insight Software Solutions, Inc. got back to me.... Hi John, Essentially the <WIN> key is to be used with a letter after, such as the letter "r" to open the Run dialog. If you want to open the Start menu, then use the Win Down and Win Up keys - <WIND><WINU>.
  6. Thanks for the work around Ancantor! The workaround works for 7, I will try on 10 when I get home tonight. I have emailed insight about the problem...we shall see.
  7. Also tested on Windows 7 machine...same behavior
  8. Ancantor , I have same behavior...I just didnt figure out what it was like you did...as in its acting like win has been pressed but the win menu doesnt show.
  9. texttype win not working on my x64 windows 10 laptop. I am using mex 3.11a
  10. Thanks rberq, I was using "start" before my command line. I hadn't tried the command line on its own. Just a lack of batch file knowledge. Really appreciate your help. John
  11. I am trying to launch chrome(google browser) using the program launch command. I want to open chrome in a new window as opposed to a new tab. the switch is --new-window. Does anyone know how or where to apply this switch in terms of the program launch command? Thanks, John.
  12. I am able to run my macro from the windows run command(start button>Run) with the following syntax. "C:\Program Files\Macro Express3\MeProc.exe" /Atestshell However I am not able to do this from a batch file. Can anyone help with this? Thanks, John.
  13. I am having problems using alt + arrow down to drop down the list in excel 2003. It works if i just do it manually but not using macro express. Can someone shed some light on this?
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