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  1. Just turned this on by accident and now I am trying to figure out what it does...other than popup an empty window? Thanks, John
  2. Thank you both for all the help! I am now able to locate the CRLF but decided to go with finding "" rows in text processing function. Have a great day!
  3. Hmmm, so if I am following you correctly, I cant use the "text file process" function to loop through the text on line at a time. I will need to create my own loop using the "Variable Set String" command? The text editor I used to view ANSI file type is Notepad++.
  4. "In your example the first time through the Text File Begin Process loop %T1% will contain "My Requisition Statuses" (no CRLF)." ...I would have thought the CRLF would be included at the end of the line of text saved to %T1%, just as it shows in the screenshot...why is it not? I tried to do as you suggested, but no success. I am not sure i did it correctly though. What i tried was this: where the contents of the "variable set integer" command are : .... As for what Im trying to do: I am copying a webpage, locating the section containing a list of items, then generating a csv file from that list. The text copied from the webpage looks as follows, with the three repeating sections representing 3 separate items, each has 8 lines of text. Each item will be one row in a csv file. The reason I am trying to locate the CRLF is to find the blank section below the 3rd item which identifies the end of my area of interest. So I was thinking if i could locate repeating CRLF characters that followed the last item consecutively repeating ...as in the blank area I would define the end of my area of interest. I have a work around of counting blank lines , as in "" assigned to a text variable. I would still like to be able to locate CRLF as I think it would simplify my code and would be useful in future projects.
  5. So tried a real simple test to see if "get position of text" would find CR. I specifically saved a notepad file as ANSI and verified it was ansi with notepad ++. Still unable to find CR. The variable assigned the position returns 0 for all CR characters in the text. Just to be sure I tried 113 instead of 13 to see if this would locate the letter q in my text and it did.
  6. Thanks rberq, I will give that a try. John
  7. Thank you for your reply. I think the problem might be that this wont work with control characters in ascii such as CR and LF? I tried using just the ASCII 13 character and it doesn't find a single instance of it in a text file full of them. Also I am working in ME3, don't know if that could also be the issue. Thank you. John
  8. I am trying to locate the cr and lf (carriage return and line feed) characters using "get position of text" option in set integer variables. The only way I can think of doing it is to assign the ascii character 10 and 13 to a text variable and then entering that into the function above as the text to search for. I only get 0 as the position which I believe means its not found. Is there a way to do this? Thanks, John
  9. The settings!! after reinstalling I guess prefix went to default ##, I was using ``. Thank you!!!
  10. I just moved to windows 10 from windows 7 and now my shortkey functionality is not working. I have used this macro on a windows 10 laptop before without issue but having trouble on this new pc. Any suggestions as to settings or such? Thanks, John
  11. does this apply to all microsoft office products? I am unable to see exe for excel and access in scope-program specific tab.
  12. I am trying to launch snippingtool.exe in windows 7 using ME3 activate/launch program command. when I try to browse to and select the executable file "snippingtool.exe" in the C:\Windows\System32\ directory it doesn't appear...see attached file. Its there when i navigate to it using windows explorer...what's going on ? Thanks, John
  13. Stan Jones from Insight Software Solutions, Inc. got back to me.... Hi John, Essentially the <WIN> key is to be used with a letter after, such as the letter "r" to open the Run dialog. If you want to open the Start menu, then use the Win Down and Win Up keys - <WIND><WINU>.
  14. Thanks for the work around Ancantor! The workaround works for 7, I will try on 10 when I get home tonight. I have emailed insight about the problem...we shall see.
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