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  1. I didn't post what software I use because I wasn't sure if it was appropriate to do so or not... Please feel free to email me if you would like to know what it is.
  2. I'm running IE. As I said, sometime it load excel in the browser, other times it prompts for what to do. Maybe if I installed Firefox it might always ask... BUT It doesn't matter, I've found a program to do the actual downloading for me and it works better than I thought it would (And much simpler than what we're talking about here). So I have ME launch the download program, ME loads the parameters, the software downloads the files, then back to ME to process the files (move, rename etc). My next questions will be surrounding the tracking of these files and what was done / not done etc. But I'll try and tackle it first on my own. Thanks for your help everyone.
  3. Thanks Kevin, that was actually a really nice script, but didn't do the trick. My file is *.xls, so it just opens the file up in the browser. I could change the browswer settings I guess, but that would interrupt some other things I need to do to. Maybe if I install another browser to run this process ...hmmm... Either way, thanks, I did pick up a few ideas from your script though. This program is a lot better than it was a few years ago.
  4. I can't actually right click, because there is no way to know where the cursor would have to be placed to do the right click. The reason I referenced "right Click" was that I wanted to save the file, and the easiest way of saving a file from a website is to right click the link and choose "save target as"... sorry if it was confusing. No matter, I found a solution to my problem. After spending countless hours trying, I determined that ME cannot do what I wanted. Maybe a suggestion for future enhancement... Allow downloading thru HTTP in addition to FTP. Thx
  5. Hello, I have a series of files that I need to download regularly. They sit on a sharepoint server. (FTP not an option) I have used Macro express a lot in the past with FTP downloads, and thought it could do what I need now... However I can't seem to make it work. What I am trying to do is the following: File is published to a sharepoint website... for example: http://server/custom report files/0705/1234.xls Where 0705 = month of the report where 1234.xls = the file I want to download, named after the account number. I just can't seem to simply download 1234.xls without opening the browser. (Even when I do open the browser, it seems to take on different actions that I can't control Ie: 1 time it opens it in a brownser, the next , right in excel) So my question is this... Is there a way I can tell macro express to go download the file 1234.xls if I identify it's path ? I almost want to mimic the action of right -clicking and selecting "save target as", but without having to actually right click. How can I do so ? Thanks everyone. Solution: I went to another software package to do the downloading for me. Thanks
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