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  1. Thanks Cory for the uber fast response. FTP would make my life much easier but unfortunatley this option is not available. I'm thinking your suggested solution of repeat with folder may be the way to go? To provide more detail: Have a cross reference file with 100 text file names. It would look something like this: A1000_Upload.txt B1000_Upload.txt C2000_Upload.txt I'd like to create a URL to load a webpage using the data from within the cross reference file to create a piece of the URL. Example: generate a URL like : http://wwww.something.com/Fileupload_A1000_Generation.html. The A1000 in this URL example would be generated from the first 5 charachters of each line in the cross reference text file. This webpage has a button that when clicked asks for a specific text file, A1000_Upload.txt, B1000_Upload.txt, C2000_Upload.txt, etc., based on where we are with looping through the list in the cross reference text file. Thanks and any thoughts appreciated! ~Greg
  2. Hello, Wondering if someone can point me to some info on how to solve a problem I'm looking to solve with Macro Express. I have a list of ~ 100 variables Such as A1000, B1200, B1300 etc. These variables coincide with text files I need to upload to a website. I'd like to loop through these variables and upload textfiles that are essentially the names of these variable i.e. A1000.txt to the website. The website has a page with a button that asks you to locate the file in question. After locating the file you click submit and the file is uploaded. I've been able to use VBA to bring me to the page where these files need to be uploaded one at a time, but having trouble using MacroExpress to perform the upload. Thoughts? This problem is causing me to bang my head into the desk. I'll send homebrew to the kind soul who can help Thank You!!! ~Greg
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