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  1. When I restore my macex.mex file from my Macrium backup and try to use it with MacroExpress, Macro Express tells me that it is corrupt. The log says: "Error: TDatabase.OpenFile [3]: Error attempting to open C:\Users\y\Documents\-\Desktop\Macex\macex 17 Oct.mex The file may be corrupt." This is one of several 'corruptions' I am getting and this is likely a Macrium, not an ME, problem. However, because the Macex file is quite small it would be useful to be able to look into it and see what form this 'corruption' takes in order to understand what (I think) Macrium is doing. Is the .mex file a database file, or what? Does anyone know how I might take a look inside it?
  2. This process runs whilst ME is running. Does anyone know exactly what it does? ME seems to continue working if MEProx64 is terminated in Task Manager and so I am wondering whether, as it uses some CPU time, I should prevent it from running and if so how to do that.
  3. I asked Support whether future releases will offer decent hotkey functionality in Windows 10, including for function keys. The response was "Unfortunately it doesn't look like there will be any change to this for several months, if then.". Disappointing.
  4. Hi Cory. Yes, I have read those posts but I didn't see any that referred specifically to intercepting hotkeys. But maybe I missed that one in which case apologies. My intention in raising this is to be helpful, and try to discover: 1) Whether I'm right about the hotkey problem; 2) If so, whether MEP is likely to be be refined to address this issue any time soon; and 3) To suggest a workaround. My workaround is to use AutoHotKey to capture keystrokes and then run MacroExpress macros. For example, in AHK the script "F9::run, C:\Program Files (x86)\Macro Express Pro 6\MeProc.exe /AMinimise" will react to a user pressing F9 by running my MacroExpress macro "Minimise" which minimises a window. I don't work for AHK and would prefer not to use it. But I do need to use hotkeys in UWP apps and the fact that AHK is able to intercept keystrokes where MEP cannot has me scratching my head.
  5. In UWP/Windows Store/Metro Windows 10 applications it seems to me that hotkey functionality is very limited. The only two key combinations which seem to me to work as hot keys are those beginng Alt. (not ctrl, winkey or shift), and that single Fn keys cannot be used as hotkeys. Do others also experience this problem?
  6. Hi Cory. Did you ever figure out a way to use MEP with UWP apps?
  7. I was afraid that might be the case. Good to have the definitive answer though, thanks Cory.
  8. For, for example, Excel, is it possible to create a ME floating or popup menu which would automatically and dynamically contain only those ME macros which have a scope (or name) including Excel? If so that would enable me to invoke that ME "Excel Menu" to see which Excel-relevant ME macros were available to me. I know that I could manually create an "Excel Menu" whose scope includes "Excel". What I am asking is whether that menu could be automatically populated by Scope (or Keyword?) , so that if I add a new Excel-scope macro to ME, it would automatically appear on the Excel Menu. Doable?
  9. Hi I am trying to pass text into a variable in MacroExpress and seem to be doing something wrong. I am running: C:\Program Files\Macro Express Pro\MacExp.exe /A1Test /VT2:Now is the time My macro 1Test is simply: <VARIABLE RESTORE Option="\x00"/> <MESSAGEBOX Caption="Variable" Message="%T2%" Icon="0"/> which I had expected to display a box containing the text "Now is the time". Sadly the box appears but is empty. I suspect I am making a schoolboy error. Any ideas? Thnx
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