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  1. I want to prompt for dimensions and weight at the beginning of macro, then set each response to different variables. I have only found a way to get one variable at a time using set string prompt for variable. Anyone know how to get more info with only one prompt?
  2. yes, thank you, I am aware of the keyboard shortcuts to navigate between tabs once in a browser. What I meant more specifically was if I am NOT in the browser, how do I create a macro to switch to the open or not yet open browser and go to a specific tab/site, without opening a new tab each time if it is already open. For example am trying to create a keyboard shortcut for checking my Gmail. Most of the time Chrome is already open and a Gmail tab is already open. Sometimes Chrome / Gmail is not yet open. I want the keyboard shortcut to open Chrome / Gmail if it's not open or switch to the existing tab if it is open. Instead what I get it is a new Gmail tab open in Chrome every time I press the shortcut key. Which means by the end of the day I have a million Gmail tabs open unnecessarily.
  3. How do I use the web site command to go to a tab that is aready open without always opening a new tab?
  4. I love hotkeys for my frequently used url's but it seems to only/always open in a new tab and then I have a million tabs to close. Is there a way to choose to go to url in new tab or current tab? don't see it in Internet>WebSite command directly
  5. Trying to have one dialog at beginning of macro that displays what was on the clipboard but gives user the chance to correct it, if needed. playing with : Variable set string from clipboard vs Variable set string prompt for value. Is there a way to combine these into one dialog?? I.e.: get var from clipboard set to %T1% display %T1% in dialog in editable field let user modify %T1% ok/cancel revise %T1% to new text
  6. Works, tho a bit unreliable as it's dependent on web page and text available (which may repeat on page). I find it works better to Find a link then just text strings. Would be nice if we could directly identify weg page 'controls' (fields etc).
  7. Thanks so much! Will try it out to tomorrow....tabbing thru a whole page is ridiculous, not to mention unstable
  8. There must be an easy way to use keyboard shortcuts to navigate in a web page other than mouse location. I'm trying to use the "find" to find a field/button label then tab from there but find doesn't seem to move tab to the found text so tab order is always at top. Other ideas to have a stable web page start point?
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