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  1. Thanks to everyone that has applied! I've asked the state office to actually put the hyperlinks on the codes instead of the generic instruction of "work on this employer." Not sure how long it will be before that happens or if it will happen though. I wonder if it would be possible to program a macro to open a link based on the link ID value. If this link has an ID of 1234, then this...
  2. Hi, Alan! Thanks for the quick response! Unfortunately, this will not work. The website is a state employment website that contains a list of all clients we represent. The first column contains the hyperlinks with the same phrase--Work on this Employer. The column next to it contains the corresponding company EIN's. I've tried your suggestion prior to posting. Unfortunately, when I manually press ESC, it skips all "Work on this Employer" links. It's a crazy website that, unfortunately, 2 states use!
  3. Good day! Our company works with several websites--2 in particular--that require us to click various navigational links. Usually, I can create a macro to use CTRL F, type what is needed to search, and CTRL ENTER to actually click the link. However, in the case of these 2 websites, all links say the same statement and the color does not change when the links are clicked. Would their be a way to create a macro that would go to a hyperlink based on the javascript code? If this link has this ID in the code, then this...? Thank you in advance! Brandon
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