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  1. UPDATE I have have finally succeded in setting up a script that does exactly what I want, Thank you very much for your help ! The last thing that is left to do is to set up a number of time that I want the script to be REPEATED. I have looked at the repeat command and I find it a bit confusing. So what would it need to be added to the following script if I want it to be repeated let's say 20 times ? Control Key Down Text Type: c Control Key Up Text Type: <ARROW DOWN> Delay 200 Milliseconds Alt Key Down Text Type: <TAB> Alt Key Up Delay 500 Milliseconds Control Key Down Text Type: v Control Key Up Text Type: <DOWN ARROW> Alt Key Down Text Type: <TAB> Alt Key Up
  2. Hi, Thank you VERY MUCH for your answer. I see that it will be worthed that I investigate more on automating script with Macro Express. Just out of the blue and to show you that I know next to nothing yet, is it conceivable to copy my column of numbers in Excel and then have Macro Express intercalate <TAB><TAB><TAB> between each line and paste ?
  3. Hi. I have just got Macro Express bundled with another software so, I am very new to it. I was wondering if the following task can be easily done with ME. I have to transfer grade marks from Excel columns into a web form for report transcripts. Unfortunately, the latter would not take copy and paste of the column beyond the first entry. In order to get to the other entry box on the web form, apart from clicking with the mouse, I have to press the tab key 3 times on the keyboard. I use several columns on several pages on Excel and I am wondering if would be possible to set up some macros that would do the job without taking me more time than doing it manually. Thanks in advance.
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