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  1. I send this topic to the support. Unfortunately i got no answer for many weeks. I'm somewhat dissappointed about this so called "support".
    I resent the topic to the support parallel to this here.
    Maybe somebody has similar issues and can help:

    I have several macros wich check "Wait for Program to Terminate" for "robocopy.exe"
    For a while the programm cannot detect running robocopy-instances anymore.
    Ir robocopy is running and i try to browse for robocopy in the "Wait for Program to Terminate"-dialogue, robocopy is not listed in the program list too.
    Therefore each "Wait for Program to Terminate"-check skips immediately though while robocopy is running.
    I guess the cause are recent windows 10 x64 updates.
    All current Windows 10 updates are installed on the system.


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