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  1. Not (that I can see) in a way that's appreciably quicker than editing the code. It's fine -- these are often folders containing dozens, sometimes hundreds of files, so an extra 10 seconds at the beginning won't kill me.
  2. I did, and it seemed promising for a moment. But there seems to be no way to detect the path of the open document. (Acrobat doesn't put the path in the title bar.) Am I missing something?
  3. Hi all, and thanks for the help. I did finally manage to make this work, but I suspect my method may be amateurish. Any suggestions appreciated. I agree with Cory that fixed lists are usually unwise, but in this case the filenames are very static and the list is already generated (see line 2), so that's what I started with. FYI the Text File processing line assigns each filename (not its path) to %FI%. The only thing I'd like to get rid of is the hardcoding of the folder. Thought I'd be able to extract that from the file's full path but I didn't see equivalents to INSTR or MID$ anywhere. Am I looking in the wrong place? Thanks again. 1: Change Directory/Folder to "C:\5" 2: Text File Begin Process: Z:\MyFiles.txt 3: If Variable %FoundIt% Equals "True" 4: Launch Program and Activate Window: Program "Acrobat.exe", Parameters "%FI%", Window "Acrobat Pro" 5: Goto:Done 6: End If 7: If Window "%FI%" is running 8: Variable Set Bool %FoundIt% to "True" 9: Text Type (Simulate Keystrokes): <ALT>fs 10: Delay: 200 milliseconds 11: Window Close: Acrobat Pro 12: End If 13: Text File End Process 14: :Done
  4. That's correct. The Acrobat window is viewable but doesn't respond to anything except the wait-for key -- in my case F2, since there's lots of right-clicking required in each file's editing session. (Also, those sessions can last hours and may include closing the file to do other things, so my goal isn't to leave ME suspended in a waiting state, just to have it get the next file when told.)
  5. Hi Paul. Yeah, that's pretty much what I tried at first, but (of course) ME doesn't release control after the file is opened. (I should've clarified: the tasks each file needs done to it while open are various unpredictable edits and other non-ME-able things.) So as I see it, instead of looping, the macro needs to begin executing when I've finished with each file, and terminate when the next file is open. I was hoping to do something like store an array of the filenames and have the macro (a) remember which file is open, (b) figure out from the array which file is next, and then (c) save+close the former and open the latter. But I seem to be out of my depth with loading & reading arrays in ME. Does this make any sense?
  6. Anyone have a way in ME to save & close the active file (a PDF) and automatically open the alphabetically next one in its folder? I thought Repeat With Folder might be useful but on closer inspection it doesn't look it. I don't want to iterate through, as each file needs nonrepetitive tasks done to it after opening. I'd just like to be able hit a key when finished to save & close it and open the next one. Had this same challenge with a huge pile of Word docs recently and a VBA macro to go get the next one saved my sanity. Now with PDFs it's less rosy. Does ME do any simple file I/O? If it does, I could collect the PDF names in a text file for ME to read. Thanks in advance for any clues.
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