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  1. I guess I didn't fully understand that until now. That could be an area of great improvement for MEP. I've been able to make some inroads into inspecting rendered pages, and drawing conclusions. And I see other people have as well. But most attempts are often unreliable, or not universal on more than one computer, or need frequent repair. I try to do a lot of error checking and taking screen shots for later diagnosis. It's a good idea. Because many web pages will immediately "redirect" to their own internal version of URL. Then at least you know the server is talking. Though, you dont know if page fully loaded and page scripting is completed. Thanks for the reply. I know it's a pretty vague question to answer.
  2. After logging into my bank they always display some advertisement before showing me my accounts. In general, what are some good ways to verify I'm on the right web page before tabbing or clicking around? I already have some scripting that looks for the words "No Thanks", and clicks it, if it exists. Because "No Thanks" is a pretty common button on the ad page. But sometimes they have other buttons instead, like "Remind me later" or "Drop dead" or whatever. So I want an additional check that looks for what SHOULD be there before continuing. I could just continue looking for specific words, like the phrase "Primary Account" or whatever. But instead I though I might look for specific controls that exist on the accounts page. However, in order to define a control into a variable, it has to EXIST at least once. I see no way to save a control variable for long-term use, like if this runs automatically every weekend. I hope this question makes sense. My scripts are years old and I have only recently come back to it. So I'm rusty. Edit: There is another compelling reason for looking for new ways to verify you've landed on the correct web page. On some pages my searching for certain text does not work. A good example is Gmail.com. Let's say I log in and search for the word "Compose" or "Primary". Those are prominent words near the top of the page. The behavior I hope for is that after <control>f, compose, <escape>, and that word "compose" remains highlighted. That way I can copy to clipboard and test for the word. If it's present, I'm likely on the right page. But on many web pages certain words do not remain highlighted. On Gmail almost nothing will. To see the difference do <control>a to highlight all. Notice very little is highlighted. What is a better test?
  3. I think I see the problem. rberq's screen shot prompted me to review my schedule settings more closely. I did not have "Play macro indef" checked, and then the date range is active. I had the default date range from like the 1800s. I bet it will work fine now, but at the moment I'm late for work so cant try. Thank you both for reply.
  4. rberq I thank you for kindly taking time to write this reply. I will try those suggestions and post the result. I'm not able to try now because late for work.
  5. A macro runs perfectly when launched manually. It is scheduled to run weekly, but never does. I have checked the system clock and tried many times. It doesn't ever run any time during a week. At the scheduled time, ME is open. That is, it's launched and on top of the the desktop. I see these three processes: MacEdit.exe *32, MacExp.exe *32, ME3x64.exe Any ideas? Thank you.
  6. I can launch ME only once with success. I use a desktop icon to run ME. After a while I close the program with Alt-F4. When I try to launch ME again... nothing happens. No splash screen, no message, no action. In the Task Manager I can End Process called MacExp.exe *32. Then I'm able to launch ME again with no problems. Any ideas? Thanks
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