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  1. s8884

    Fill multiple choice menu with macro

    Thats it thank you!
  2. Hello, i want to fill the fields in a multiple choice menu with a file that i read with the ascii file command - is that possible? i can write the data in variables but at the moment i have to put the variables manually in the menue and not through the program. Thank you very much. Martin
  3. s8884

    Wait till website is fully loaded

    thank you, that explains all!
  4. Hello, First question i use the command <WEB SITE URL="https://axy Wait="TRUE" Default_Browser="TRUE" NoEmbeddedVars="FALSE" _IGNORE="0x000C"/> but i have to put a wait command after this command to enter a text. Why doesnt it work - wait until website is loaded? Secon question As a workaround i created a variable for the time to wait after loading a website this command does not work <DELAY Flags="\x01" Time="%HWBDSpeedinteger%"/> it seems the system freezes the variable has the value 12. if i use the the value it works. <DELAY Flags="\x01" Time="12"/> Any idea? Thank you Martin
  5. s8884

    Carrige return

    Hello, i want to save some text in a text file to retrieve this data with ASCII File Express - can i save in the text file end of paragraph or a break of line(an with which chararcte)r.. If i put the data in a text field afterwards it works perfect? sorry, my last english lesson is some twenty years ago. thank you Martin
  6. s8884

    Use of operators

    thank you, how can i delete my two other posts, i forgot to stop the speech recognition - sorry
  7. s8884

    Use of operators

    Hello, is there an opportunity to subtract 1 to the following statement - i want to subtract to the variable StelleSemikolon 1 - or do i have to declare a new variable before? <VARIABLE MODIFY STRING Option="\x09" Destination="%Programm%" Variable="%Zwischenablage%" Start="1" Count="%StelleSemikolon%" NoEmbeddedVars="FALSE"/> Any idea? Thank you Martin
  8. Hello, i use the command mouse move x,y relative to current window and after that click mouse - when i use my laptop it works perfectly, when i use my extern monitor it doesn,t work - is there a practical solution, to use this command with different solutions and monitors. Thank you! Martin Krug
  9. s8884

    Type text misses words

    Keystroke Speed: 30 Milliseconds works perfect thank you
  10. Hello, if i fill in a web formular with this command - this command works too fast - it misses some words - i changed the provider and now my speed is much faster - how can i slow down the speed of writing the words in the formular - macro playback speed has no effect. thank you %NameArray[1]%<TAB>%NameArray[2]%<TAB>%BFGBeschreibung%<TAB>Mitarbeiter der Max Muster Beratungs- und Vertriebs AG, Filialdirektion %GS%<TAB>%TelefonArrayNeu[1]%<TAB>%TelefonArrayNeu[2]%<TAB><TAB>%Agenturemail%@muster.de<TAB><TAB><TAB><ENTER> thank you
  11. s8884

    Shortcuts extremely slow

    Ok, the answers- i manually Type ctrl+k in Outlook after i have written a Name to find this Name in the global adressbook-no i have no macros opend in that Moment, If i close Macro Express the Shortcut takes half a Second, if macro Express is opened about 10 seconds. Any ideas thank you
  12. Hello, when i have macro express opened - then the shortcuts e.g. outlook work extremely slow (e.g. Ctrl+k) after inserting a name to look in the global addressbook - it works but extremely slow - the short key isnt used in macro express - any idea? thank you! Martin
  13. s8884

    Sub with parameters

    Thank you👍
  14. s8884

    Sub with parameters

    Hello Is it possible, to call a sub Procedere with parameters? Thank you
  15. <thanks thats it i thought that waiting for website is sufficient