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  1. Hello Kevin -- Thank you for your explanations. I thought it odd and uncharacteristic of your website form not to work. 31-hour outage for an entire city ... nice handiwork. Must have been quite a party (or bottle). My issue was solved with your response list #1 and #3. Thanks! I am a longtime MEX user, so was a bit panicky for the past 48-hours. Feel better now. Think I'll go have a drink. (Just kidding). Karl
  2. Just downloaded 3.11 and when attempting to run it after installation I receive two errors (see attached screen shots). The errors are: 1. File not found. 2. Could not save file / access denied Both errors cycle in a loop, which I am unable to break. It's necessary to use task manager to close MacroExpress. I had previously moved macex.mex version (3.10) to another drive on my (inside the router) network. When version 3.10 couldn't find the file, a window popped up allowing me to point to the macex file on the net, and then everything was fine. I don't receive that pop-up with 3.11. Also, I am unable to file a support request through https://www.macros.com/supportrequest.htm When I attempt to send the form the send to https://www.isssvr.net/cgi-bin/ttcgi.exe times out. This happens on both Firefox and Edge. So something appears to be amiss with the request form. Thanks for your assistance.
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