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  1. I re-did the IF cursor arrow ELSE END IF statements and it is working now as far as writing one of the log records. I may have forgotten to update the error log file for that command from the network share to my local folder for testing. But the results are now just inconsistent and so unreliable - sometimes it indicates it sees an arrow, other times it does not. Checking for a cursor change still seems to be the most reliable option.
  2. What about copying the whole column first manually and then running a macro to just remove blank cells? That would be a good general-use macro. If all of the values are unique or you don't care about retaining duplicates, you can also simply use the "Data -> Remove Duplicates" command in Excel. This would leave one blank cell though.
  3. I added a "write log" before the cursor checks and it is working up to there. I tried using 2 Wait for Cursor Change commands (one for the change to an hourglass, one for the change back to arrow) without any Delay command after sending the "Save" keystrokes and it seems to be working. I think the app uses custom cursors so ME does not recognize them. I am worried the first wait may miss the initial change to hourglass but the maximum wait times for the cursor commands should still handle it. Thanks for your help.
  4. In version 3.8a, the command for If Mouse Cursor does not work in some applications - they seem to be completely ignored. Is there a patch for this? I don't see it mentioned as a fix in any later release. I did see the issue mentioned on another forum. I have tried If Mouse Cursor is Arrow -> write log Else write log END and I don't get either log record written. I have also done checks for both "Is Arrow" and "Is Not Arrow" and neither evaluate to True. Is this a bug or does it only work in certain types of applications?
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