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  1. Dear lord I can't believe I spent so long agonizing over my array not functioning only to realize I THOUGHT IT STARTED AT ZERO. Silly mistake...but after working on my macro for a while I've successfully figured out how to perform simple tasks using the data in the array; thank you for your response! To anyone else reading this feel free to ignore, I am comfortable with basic array functionality now. I'm sure I'll have more problems/questions as I continue but for now my macro is functioning appropriately. Thanks again!
  2. Hey guys. So, I'm having some difficulty understanding how arrays work within MEP; I understand the concept of an array in general but yesterday I spent quite a while trying to build a simple array to hold 108 integer variables (0-107) so I could start learning how to interact with them. However I kept getting various errors about the array itself not being defined with the correct type and it was crashing my MEP left and right. I was using a string to set all the numbers (separated by commas) and then a splitstring on the comma repeated into an %nCounter% variable within a repeat loop. I
  3. Thank you both for the suggestions! I figured out a solution that while it's inelegant it's at least functional and relatively smooth. rberq, I will look into the ideas you mentioned...I haven't started using the SWITCH / CASE at all yet so this is a great opportunity to learn! Thank you both so much, I'm glad I found an active forum for this program, y'all help immeasurably. Cheers!
  4. Hello everyone! So, odd issue and I'm unsure what I'm missing. When using the "If Variable" and running it as "if variable contains" to check a generic integer variable I'm confused if/how I can check said generic variable for any one of multiple numbers. Is there some syntax I'm missing here? Scenario is as follows: prompts allow user to define two different integers, they get added together, resulting number is compared against a table to return a month as a text message box. So for example in my table my January is assigned the numbers of 01, 13, 25, 37, 49, 61, 73, 85, 97. Can I, usi
  5. rberq, thank you for the input! I got put on some other more urgent fixes so I haven't had a chance to try your suggestions yet but I'm looking forward to trying to implement them. I'm sure y'all will be seeing more of me here in the future as I get deeper into the program. Cheers and thanks again!
  6. Hello everyone! I'm extremely new to Macro Express Pro and currently I'm using to build macros to support users. So far a lot of it makes sense (I have limited experience with coding but learned enough about general concepts for it to not look completely like Greek) but I'm curious about the best approach for the following scenario. Most people I'm supporting use two monitors and currently all the macros are built to bring up the menu on the 0 monitor; however due to no standard "setup" for employees it's mixed in terms of what program they're running on each monitor. Is there a w
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