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  1. Cory, I might have a workaround using Samrae solution of WIN+Ctrl+Right or Left . If I do several WIN+Ctrl+Left I should be on the far left desktop, DeskTop1. Now that I know I'm on DeskTop1 I can use the same keys, WIN+Ctrl+Right to get to DeskTop2, 3 or what ever. I will not be able to use Win+Tab because it gives me absolutely no control, as I see it. It does give me the ability to move my programs around and also close them but that's about it. I wish they would have figured a way to get you onto the actual desktop that they display on top. As it is right now I can do is click.
  2. Cory, I have been running MEP as an admin. Actually I'm always been admin. Bob
  3. acantor -I get the same error message when I close the called program, CintaNotes. Bob
  4. WIN+Ctrl+Right or Left - Very Handy. I will differently be using this a lot. But when using a macro I will have to drop a program onto the proper desktop, I need to tell MEP which DeskTop to use. This is key to my issue with DeskTops and Macros. Thanks, Samrae, for opening another Window for me. Bob
  5. Is there a control or macro that allows you to open the different desktops that's available in Window 10 pro? Currently I use the "Task View" button that is available on the TaskBar. What I would like to do is create a macro that can load a program onto the DeskTop. I might want to load Excel on Desktop2 and CintaNotes onto DeskTop3, as an example. Than I need to create a separate macro that can take me to the DeskTop2 or DeskTop 3 or which ever is needed. Like-Open DeskTop2. The big thing is loading to a Desktop. Bob
  6. In regards to the A Drive, I have been using both A & B Drive's for about 10 years or more. I try to put as little as I can on the C drive for backup purposes. The A drive holds most of my valued data while the B drive wholes my temporary backups. A for Actual valued data B for BK Backup files before they are moved to the X drive which is the final resting place for my backups. At least until moved to an external drive . Not too original but to each their own I guess, right. Bob
  7. Yes. I can actually click on CintaNotes in this directory and execute. I can also past it into WIn+R and also execute. In Activate or Launch\Advanced\Program/Path name: A:\PRG\Notes\CintaNotes\CintaNotes.exe Also activates. Here is the macro I'm using: Activate or Launch Options Select the window command: Activate the window if it exists, otherwise launch the program Window Title: Activate or Launch Partial Match Activate or Launch Program-Program Program/name: A:\PRG\Notes\CintaNotes\CintaNotes.exe Run Mode: Normal Sco
  8. I'm able to execute my program, go into it and use it and then close it. When I close there was an error message underneath it: Script Error The following error was encountered: Windows could not be found Macro Name: CintaNotes-Open Line Number: 1 Here is a sample of the code from Direct Editor: <ACTIVATE OR LAUNCH Title="Activate or Launch" Exact_Match="FALSE" Wildcards="FALSE" Path="A:\\PRG\\Notes\\CintaNotes\\CintaNotes.exe" Mode="\x00" Default_Path="FALSE" Wait="1" Not a clue why. Bob
  9. Thanks Cory. Thanks for the time. I was thinks to hard in ME. It was a simple fix in CintaNotes. CintaNotes\Options\Windows\Close to System Tray I just needed to turn it off. Bob Good to see your still around
  10. I'm trying to activate a program with the following code: Activate the window if it exists, otherwise launch the program. If the program is not active, open, it works very well. But if it is hidden on my taskbar it does not execute properly. The program, CintaNotes allows me to exit by clicking on the "X" in the upper right corner but it is still active on the taskbar. I then can open the program by simply clicking on its icon that is shown on the taskbar. This solution is not desirable. Bob
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