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  1. How to find out with MacroExpress Pro how many lines are there in text document? What is the command... I searched the help file, couldn't find it...
  2. I already know how to get total amount of files in a given folder. Let's say it's assigned to %N1% = 250 I would divide %N1% / 61 then assign the number to %N2% as a number of times to loop. But what are the commands that would count first 61 files and move them into a FolderX%N2%
  3. What I want to do is this: Let's say I have 250 files in folderX I want macroexpress to create FolderX1 and place 61 files out of folderX then FolderX2 another 61 out of folderX... and keep going until in FolderX there are no more than 61 files left. Hence the folderX would be broken down to FolderX1, FolderX2, etc so that there are no more than 61 files per each folder, in the parent folder where FolderX is located... The only extension of files is .rx2 There will be no other extensions in the folders. The information you're providing is the idea of how it may work, but not the actual co
  4. I got it... The only reason I used "current file window" because that's how I encounter there are more than 61 files in the folder. And to process it I press a shortkey so it can start filtering the file count, then come out of that folder and try to process other folders, if any. The folder locations and names will always vary, this is why I have a command to start process the current folder. It won't process through file explorer!!! It's only to indicate macroexpress which folder path to work with. But I can't figure out that "simple" algorithm to process the folders... How do I cut first 61
  5. I want to create a macro script where if there are more than 61 files in a folder it would separate the files into more folders so that there are no more than 61 files in each folder. Let's say I have 235 files in THE folder that's currently open & active. Macroexpress already knows there are 235 files. How do I select first 61 of them, cut them, create folder1 outside of the current folder and paste those 61 files into Folder1, then go back into the folder select another 61 files, create Folder2 outside of the folder paste the second set of 61 files into Folder2, and repeat the proc
  6. How do I set %N[1]% variable to a number that’s inside a text file? Since variables reset on reboot I wanted to write a number to a text file so I can recall it anytime and place it to an integer variable, but can’t find a way. eg number.txt contains only “85” string how to assign 85 to %N[1]% ? Would appreciate to see a step by step example or an alternative way step by step to carry out such function. So macros could save and read from file and process the number. Thanx!
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